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  1. Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen says:

    Regarding Tronix and other large supply coins; the circulating supply in relation to the total supply is key to whether or not you should invest. If circulating supply is the same as total supply than it does not matter since price will solely be based on percentages. The issue arises when total supply is more than circulating supply –eventually those coins will get brought over to the circulating supply and it will have a negative effect on the price because it will increase the supply. So depending on what they plan to do with the extra coins, usually in the white-paper, you may or may not want to invest long term.

  2. Steven Amar
    Steven Amar says:

    Hey Suppoman,

    Interesting supply side comments. I've made an excel sheet which details prices in tiers based on circulation. I'll put it up on your FB private channel and possible Steem thereafter. Be on the lookout for it, would love to get your feedback.

  3. Ayedris
    Ayedris says:

    New drinking game. Go over every suppo man video and every time he says the word "essentially" you take a drink, and if you get through his entire channel before you end up in hospital with alcohol poisoning, you win!

  4. Shon Ellerton
    Shon Ellerton says:

    Tierion is Factom's new competitor and has done well because of its hype. Factom has been stagnant because it has not been hyping its coin. Factom's Factoid tokens supply is now reduced to 8,745,000 as from 9,000,000 as they are burned in actual use. 73,000 more Factoids per month will be created starting from next year to offset inflation. Factom's in use now and each Factoid should theoretically become more valuable as Factoids are burned. Industry buy Entry Credits from Factoids to store data.

  5. MsLia32
    MsLia32 says:

    huddles hungrily around the cold fire, putting aside the empty wallet, barely watching suppoman's video and thinking "it sounds wonderful the way suppoman says it"

  6. The real MacGyver
    The real MacGyver says:

    i gotta admit charlie lee is really bad at marketing but i wouldnt hate him so much he spread panic but ALSO told us what to do NOT SELL if people are mad about him they cry about gains from the last 3 weeks XD 1.world problems
    but he surely needs to change the management of his coin to something like the dash team it still has a lot of potencial with its atomic swap and way faster processing


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