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  1. J.
    J. says:

    Any lack of ISP competition in the States is due to state intervention in the market. 'Net neutrality' is fixing the problems of regulation with more regulation.

  2. Dreamingrightnow
    Dreamingrightnow says:

    I'm sure you've heard of the "explain it like I'm five" from reddit or something. You lost me when you talked about businesses not adopting Segwit…..? That probably means it's a simple idea if you understand Segwit; so I guess I don't, lol. What do you mean when you say Coinbase should use Segwit?

  3. Saboli ozfix
    Saboli ozfix says:

    We live in a world (system) where the economic system is controlled by a few individuals (powerful families). These individuals can together with the government in this case the national bank in your country print out money out of thin air (back in the days the printed money was = gold funds, nowadays fiat money is not backed by anything). When the government needs money for projects like building a hospital and schools they lend the money they need from the national bank (riksbanken in Sweden), the national bank is magically "printing" new money (everything is printed digitally nowadays) and hence diluting the national currency aka inflation. This sounds like a bad joke, but it’s our reality and you’re accepting it.

    Bitcoin is still at a ”social experiment” stage but gaining new users at a exponential rate, just like Ivan noted! Bitcoin have been working as designed since 2009 and it’s still better than our current 9am to 5pm system. No inflation (only 21m coins), immutable (the ledger is open for anyone) tech (if you don’t fork it), open source code, freedom in payment (government controlled currencies can be monitored at all times and if you support a group which is not approved they can stop your contribution). There’s a lot more points that I didn’t bring up. There’s problems also like scaling the blockchain but there’s people trying to solve these problems as I type.

  4. Smoothfr
    Smoothfr says:

    so Ivan, i always hear you say:" You can just broadcast it on the network." But can you show how you would physically do that. I understand that it's possible but can't understand how you actually woud do this.

  5. Janne Wolterbeek
    Janne Wolterbeek says:

    I have been following Ivan for some weeks now and really appreciating his content. I just miss some sort of biography, what is Ivan's track record, education, etc.? I can't find anything on the website either.

  6. Dylan Kerler
    Dylan Kerler says:

    Skycoin solves net neutrality through mesh nets. They ship out the hardware next month. Could you please cover them? They can do IPFS, have their own developed programming language (CX), very scalable, consensus is reached based on opinion based dynamics, they already have a few apps built on top of it (Sky messenger and BBS), allows for decentralised computing (like Golem), Turing complete (smart contracts) etc. and many more stuff. They can pretty much do everything. It would be really good to see what a programmer, like you, thinks of it since it's a really high tech project. Oh and also, the guy who wrote the original Ethereum white paper also wrote the Skycoin white paper. They have 30+ devs making daily commits. Please, please check it out since basically no one is talking about it even though the tech is amazing.


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