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  1. Lee Martingale
    Lee Martingale says:

    Completely agree. There are certain crypto communities where any rational point of discussion is shouted down as "FUD". I've experienced this a lot. It is very much about having an emotional attachment to your investment.

    Many members of these communities aren't capable of thinking for themselves, and if your comment isn't talking about the coin "going to the moon", or how great the devs/idea is, then you're labelled a troll.

    However, on the other side of the argument… there are legitimate attempts to manipulate and cause people to panic sell. If you've been in crypto long enough to see this happening a lot, then it can be difficult to spot who are the FUDders, and who are the ones with legitimate points to make.

  2. The Man
    The Man says:

    Nice vid ivan and totally agree, however, i would never ever sell my 1000 chc 🙂 there is active development as i learned in your first vid how to see for myself 👌

  3. Nelson D
    Nelson D says:

    I hear your concerns, but you don't understand the full context of this issue. There were full on attacks that were trying to get people to panic sell. If you understood the extent of the attacks CHC was subjected to you would not being speaking in these terms. They were criminal, brutal, and ongoing. CHC community is resilient and will persevere. We are a loving community that believes in economic equality through community cohesion, but that is just too big a threat to some selfish people with large monetary influence who make money from extreme and daily +/- fluctuations.

  4. Brugllione
    Brugllione says:

    The Chaincoin community was brainwashed by a bunch of streamers… The pump & hodl was a laugh, can't believe people fell for that :/ I do feel a bit for them though. Sigh. Anyways, thanks for educating everyone.

  5. benjust123
    benjust123 says:

    Excluding merges, 3 authors have pushed 8 commits to master and 8 commits to all branches. On master, 36 files have changed and there have been 1,633 additions and 234 deletions.
    Merged #47 fix: +replace auto_ptr, +space between literal & identifier 17 hours ago
    Merged #42 implement BIP69 for improved anonymity 20 hours ago
    Merged #41 masternode fixes 20 hours ago
    Merged #46 Set CXX std to c++11 20 hours ago
    Merged #43 Tor integration from bitcoin 0.14 20 hours ago
    Merged #40 fix: length not updated in DecodeBase58 5 days ago
    Merged #37 Improve performance of DecodeBase58 7 days ago
    Merged #36 Don't throw exceptions when Inv type is unknown 7 days ago
    Merged #35 make strWalletFile const 7 days ago
    Merged #34 do not create empty datadir before the real path is known 7 days ago
    1 Pull request proposed by 1 person

    Proposed #48 Hard fork for masternode reward adjustment 15 hours ago
    2 Issues closed by 2 people

    Closed #39 Cannot compile with ubuntu 16.04 6 days ago
    Closed #38 Windows wallet Darksend feature slow and hangs 7 days ago
    1 Issue created by 1 person

    Opened #44 Wallet – UI bug // tiny UI on 4K Display Resolution a day ago

    All this within one week. And you say there is no coding … I think you are the one spreading the FUD.

  6. Crypto Uncle
    Crypto Uncle says:

    Its very good that you brought up that topic! Good conclusions. Everybody seams to be for fee speech as long as it just apply for themselves. To be an uncensored community there is a lot of censoring going on.

  7. Cognative Dissonanace
    Cognative Dissonanace says:

    ChC is a garbage coin . Their website is flashy and with no substance. There is no information on real features and Chaincoin does nothing that 1000 other coins already do. High on Coins and several other youtubers have been pumping this coin and coordinating buy walls on cryptopia. I know this because High on coins has been bragging about it in his videos. I garentee you these youtubers are working together and they are getting the "HODL" community to drive up the price. While he is telling you to hold they are selling into the buy walls. Its plain as day what they are doing. If this were a stock the SEC would have cops are their door. I guess people have to learn the hard way.

  8. ShPheonix2
    ShPheonix2 says:

    Great video Ivan. Keep speaking the truth. We all have to deal with Ad hominem arguments ts from time to time.
    Its sad when people bandy around shouts of FUD, in an attempt to shut down an argument. Its a form of fascism.
    You make clear and concise arguments in your videos, which stand firmly in the face of scrutiny, logic and critical thinking.

  9. Kev Kay
    Kev Kay says:

    I agree – FUD is being thrown around like cheap confetti at a wedding !! Your points are valid and backed up with discussion that is why I regard your approach to the crypto sphere as positive. You don't for what of a better word, chat sh1t!!

  10. Riad Souissi
    Riad Souissi says:

    Ivan, when are you planning more videos on programming with blockchain/ethereum and more advanced programming topics? Lately it's been mostly about the financial aspects of crypto. Greats videos by the way, thanks!

  11. Tuan V
    Tuan V says:

    After seeing your video "Use Github as Crypto Investor", I was able to research some of the coins that I was about to invest in and found that many coins have very weak software development, likely pump and dump coins. That video will help lots of people to do their own research. For those stubborn people complaining about Chaincoin FUD, they just can't handle the truth and admit that they are greedy and made bad investment. The savvy investors always advice, "Only invest what you can afford to lose!"

  12. michel line
    michel line says:

    2 weeks ago, you would have gotten "HODL" plastered all over your comment section. Now, the CHC "community" has gone and burrowed itself deep deep underground. to each his own opinion, but i say "good riddance".

  13. T D
    T D says:

    You're correct here! CHC was under .10 a little over a month ago. We all bought CHC masternodes really cheap in Max's slack chat. As soon as it was pumped people started to act like it was the next BTC, LOL. While they were trying to pump it more I was cashing out. They should have cashed out! No way it was really worth $5 lmao

  14. BeachJedi101
    BeachJedi101 says:

    I've been thinking a lot recently about adding some Zcash to the long term. The more I research it, the more I like it. Currently long on BTC, ETH, LTC, Dash and Golem. Could you do a video on Zcash?

  15. nothin2pruv
    nothin2pruv says:

    FUD is so on the tip of everyone's tongue that it is even beginning to be a form of attack. In one project, Quantum Resistant Ledger, FUD was recently used by an employee to lash out publicly when the founders refused him 33% control of ICO funds. He sent an email to the ICO mailing list and wrote a blog claiming that the project had zero code.

    He was fired and their testnet was launched 4 days later… but they still had a 50% sale-off as a result of his stunt. If crypto is the Wild West, FUD and empty pumping are the tools of the ruthless bandits.

  16. Henrik Wallin
    Henrik Wallin says:

    https://www.youtube.com/user/quinnmichaels/videos has talked a lot about how AI bots are used to trigger emotional responses, group insanity and so on. This used to be very simple bots that said "Look at my stuff!!!", but they have become more advanced, and when people do respond to them, some human is getting there to help the bot to push it's agenda if it might be successful.

    So Quinn actually spend a lot of time talking to these trolls. I would never do that, but I've spend a lot of time with human trolls, and turned a lot of them into useful tools actually.

    What I find most useful from this knowledge is that if you see "people" on the Internet that you don't know saying stuff that doesn't provide new information nor logic, but only try to "push your buttons" and make it appear that you are the insane guy because all the other bots are flocking to defend the non-informative non-reasoning bot, then you realize that you're either getting angry at machines or people behaving like machines.

    So what I do (except ignoring) is that I explain something like: "Dear bot! I love your input, but you're only trying to get an emotional response. That doesn't really work in the long run. You have to at least bring us new information that we didn't know of, or a new kind of reasoning. Maybe you are also following something related, and you can give us some information from there, and then you'll get some more respect?":

  17. CV SC
    CV SC says:

    “Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. You think about it; it’s true. If you hire somebody without [integrity], you really want them to be dumb and lazy.” ― Warren Buffett. You definitely have integrity. Appreciated!

  18. Tony Whittaker
    Tony Whittaker says:

    If people are getting butt hurt over coin criticism then go trade forex because you're not emotionally cut out for cryptocurrency. If contributors can't take constructive criticism then go start a lemonade stand with your little sister.

  19. Joel Smith
    Joel Smith says:

    There are a very uneducated investors in the cryptocurrency space. I wouldn't pay any attention to them. I had one person tell me to "shut up and talk to a real dev" when I made a comment about what happened during the parity hack. Granted I coded for Microsoft for 5 years, and developing is my job… he still felt the need to chime in while having no idea what he was talking about. FUD has become a strange catchphrase, it might make sense in the case of ETH or BTC that have large followings but we really need to be smart with our money and being doubtful about an altcoin she just make you a prudent investor.

  20. Positive Guy
    Positive Guy says:

    My natural answer to the kind of questions that someone with some knowledge ask about, is very good to try to inform myself, That's why people follow you, and that's why this community keep getting better and bigger, f* the stupid ones that think the that information is FUD.


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