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  1. Nikolay Dimitrov
    Nikolay Dimitrov says:

    Hey guys, substratum the decentralized internet via blockchain on the ETH platform. It is being talked about on most famous platforms and cryprocurency groups, aswell as youtube. Price is 3000 tokens for 1 ETH . It ends soon. You can use my refferal ID so that you can get 15% BONUS on you purchase, and i will aswell. My ID: nidimitrov88 . Here is the link –
    If you have any questions feel free to ask and i will gladly help you out.

  2. Terry Vogelaar
    Terry Vogelaar says:

    Thanks for mentioning that these kinds of regulations have to end, Suppoman! You are right; this is how we as humanity can take control of the monetary system, instead of some government or it's lobbyists


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