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  1. Stefano Ferrazzini
    Stefano Ferrazzini says:

    Hi there! Awesome videos! Much appreciated!
    I've one questions about Ethereum tokens in general (and sorry I'm a beginner): Is it right that every Ethereum token like Golem has the same block size and block time as Ether, because they're running on the same blockchain? Thanks in advance!

  2. Permalink
    Permalink says:

    Subscribed! Great work Ivan. One of the few crypt channels i subscribed and apreciate. Could you please make an analysis on SONM ? SONM seems superiour to Golem in what concerns the infrastructure/ tech model . Although they kinda fucked up with the ICO hack , i see great potential in SONM .

  3. celly forever
    celly forever says:

    I didn't think of this yet but will Golem have the capabilities to sync quantum computers to its network as well? I can only imagine in the future if this was a possibility it would be even more revolutionary than it already is 😮

  4. Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor says:

    Sounds to me like an opportunity for corporations to write their own copyright law.

    If this system becomes a way of creating artificial scarcities, then it is fundamentally evil, and we need to destroy it .

    Say for example if some creep like Martin Shkreli (or the meta-creep: the entire pharma "IP" industry) buys a cure for some disease, won't they be at liberty to charge what they like for it? Right now, the pharma industry is actively engaged in a peacetime version of a violation of The Geneva Convention – denying people medicine. We hang people for this sort of thing if they do it in war-time, but during peacetime, because it's capitalism, it's apparently ok.

    Only it isn't – creating artificial scarcities that people can't live without in the hope of charging monopoly rents, creates horrific suffering and misery. "IP" is a bad idea – and if these technologies allow corporations to make up their own rules, outside the aegis of social consensus, then we have a problem.

  5. notker88
    notker88 says:

    For me there are three main questions. 1) Are there private apps possible in this "App store" that cannot be executed by the public? If not, then I doubt that Golem will be used for solving problems that need much computation power. Since many companies do not like to share result right away and share their software that calculates a solution or something… 2) Parallel computation is one of the hardest parts in software engeneering. In what language do we need to write the software for the app stores? 3) Lets say I deploy a binary to that appstore how can Golem execute the programm in paralell? Threading code? How does it work to spread the computation of a binary to the golem network? At the moment I doubt that Golem will be as useful as many people think. Maybe the answers to my quesitons change my mind….

  6. Michael E. Campbell
    Michael E. Campbell says:

    I have spent many hours watching and learning from your videos. I commend you on your personal initiative to share your curiosity and knowledge about this very exciting new area of cryptocurrency and distributed IT. I have fallen down the rabbit hole on this myself and have appreciated your guidance. I will be sending some Ether your way shortly. I am curious to learn your thoughts on how Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, which are currently some of the largest companies in the world, may inhibit development of these newer technologies, which are more democratic. That is, are there technical means to inhibit use of these new protocols within the IP stack? In other words, we know that they cannot block a centralized server as it is non-existent within the decentralized architecture, but are there other means in which they could prevent the newer protocols from nesting within the existing internet protocol stack? P.S. I much prefer this lion painting behind you to the newer one, which has been crooked in some of the recent videos.

  7. Hans HODL
    Hans HODL says:

    Good Video Ivan, but I am skeptical of the Golem network.

    First, how are they going to compete with existing cloud services? There's no way they can have lower latency that existing services like AWS (or Google or Microsoft) because of the additional networking involved in validating and connecting the network "mesh" for lack of a better term. In addition to that, they will also be competing on price.

    Secondly, I am a software developer as well. There's only one program I even run on my computer that really "stresses out" my computer, and it's a front-end testing framework. There's no way that I could send this to Golem, even if it was re-structured (that I'm aware of) because it's testing very high level features that require a very distinct set of environment variables. So, what I'm saying is that its use cases are limited. There's no way the sandbox could mimic my machine's setup, that would be a nightmare to maintain (unless they supported docker or something).

    Could this be useful for projects like Folding At Home, or Seti At Home? Sure, but we already have platforms addressing that such as gridcoin etc.

  8. Manoel Ramon
    Manoel Ramon says:

    thanks for you video. However, I have two questions: 1) Do you really think golam will be a good thing with the rewards paid as "lottery" ? I do not think it is a good thing.. 2) If golam runs based on ethereum, how they might have performance running the programs based on solidity ?

  9. Dylan Janeke
    Dylan Janeke says:

    Curious, the sandbox stops malicious developers from accessing the provider's box, but – what if a malicious developer uses the network to DDoS other targets, I remember months ago the DynDNS hack where all the high profile sites went down. Doesn't this create new issues, do you know if there is any protection against this?

  10. Brent Gaynor
    Brent Gaynor says:

    I bought some merely bc my friend went to work there after working at Ethereum. I think Streamr along with Golem offer the killer solution I've been dreaming about for years – Visually orchestrated microservies. I too wonder about their market place and IP protection. I'd think there should only be certain number of apps per category or provide overlap restrictions to prevent "app pollution".
    I'd also love your perspective on cost vs AWS Lambda and how and when Golem will be superior. 

  11. Riccardo Taglietti
    Riccardo Taglietti says:

    the Project you were trying to think of is called BOINC. There is a coin called GridCoin Research that is trying to get implemented with BOINC to facilitate transactions between various scientific research groups. Pretty interesting


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