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  1. Escape the Matrix
    Escape the Matrix says:

    Thanks for another great video Ivan. I've been seriously considering investing in BAT for some time. BAT is Brendan Eich's baby, which I'm sure you probably know created JavaScript, and he also co-founded the Mozilla project, so I'd say BAT has a good chance of doing something big.

  2. Robert Castles
    Robert Castles says:

    I just watched this and your stratis video back to back. I prefer these more detailed videos as it makes sense. I'm looking to learn, not to directly pick a coin. For example, I can consider stratis for my company's use now. If you decide to do shorter videos, I hope you continue to do these longer videos. Thumbs up.

  3. ZA
    ZA says:

    For Basic Attention to be successful the hardest task for BAT will be to get people to switch browsers and use their browser instead of Firefox Chrome explorer etc this will be the biggest obstacle… and with 1.5 billion tokens created I cant see this going to the moon for a few years yet. Market cap will need to go to $1 billion for it to just reach around $1. Instead I think rivals like Adshares ADST that only has 12 million coins in circulation that doesn't require for people to switch browsers will go to $10 in a much quicker time frame in my opinion.

  4. Octopus On Fire
    Octopus On Fire says:

    Been using Brave for a few days and learned about the whole BAT system. I think it's a great model, but I don't understand a few key concepts. For example, what would be the difference between owning Ethereum and owning the same value in BAT? Is there any?

  5. Luc Chase
    Luc Chase says:

    Interesting to see that consumers could have the opportunity to also earn from their participation. But I suspect this can be achieved more easily than having to create a new browser or new currency (which they could eventually choose to inflate or dilute ).

  6. Christopher McDermott
    Christopher McDermott says:

    hey Ivan thanks for all the great videos – its really helpful getting more technical explanations about the technology and coins rather than other youtubers who just try to PUMP and DUMP coins to make a profit.

    I have a question about BAT as I am probably missing something. I like the idea and technology behind BAT and im trying to decide if it will make for a good long term investment (although I notice the price hasnt done much since coming out). What I dont understand if the main idea of the BAT token is for people to reward others for content how will the coin ever rise in value on the exchange ? If people just give them away and can earn more by browsing – where is the value ? Also what is stopping someone coming out with another browser (for free) which offers same privacy and lack of ads – why would people choose to use BRAVE ?

    Am I missing something in the idea ?

  7. mkmason2002
    mkmason2002 says:

    Auuugh! I went into my coinbase account to find my key and address. It said create new key so I hit it. Now it is saying to provide a label, an address. What's an address? Should I keep the new number key or can I cancel it? I can't find a button to cancel. If I sign out without putting in an address will it automatically cancel my new key number? Will I lose my money if I screw this up?

  8. בוקר טוב קריפטו
    בוקר טוב קריפטו says:

    Hi Ivan, this is really off topic but I have no one to ask these questions and I hope you might have a thought about the future. My question is do you believe that in the future electric cars with auto driver can use bitcoin or ethereum or any other new invention as fuel? I mean not to be used to buy fuel, but to be used as fuel by using other computers on the blockchain.. love your videos thank you for your hard work, i watch you daily i'm 32 yo from Israel

  9. Rayner Westerman
    Rayner Westerman says:


    I have a question, and so far there is no one who can help me.
    I used Etherli as my wallet for Ether, but then i saw an android wallet and started to use it.
    I wanted to send my 2 Ether from Etherli to the new wallet, but it never showed up. In Etherli I have 0 Ether now.
    So I don’t know where my Ether are?
    If I look at etherscan.io it says it’s in ‘Internal Transactions’, I don’t know what that means.. I tried to buy new Ether(0.03) to test if my new wallet was working, and it does. But according to etherscan.io there was an outgoing transaction of 2.035 from me to 0x7eD1E469fCb3EE19C0366D829e291451bE638E59.I really don’t know who that is, and why that transaction is made. IF it’s made, because only the 2 Ether is missing, not the 0.035. That transaction is not showed in my app too, so i think it did not happen? I never had the 2 Ether in my app too, so there was no possibility to send those Ether away.

    My wallet address is:
    I hope someone can help me, and sorry for my English.


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