The Bitcoin Gold Fork caused some BIG movements in crypto, with Bitcoin dropping and the altcoins skyrocketing. Is this just temporary before the SegWit2X fork, or are we gearing up for a sustained altcoin bull run?

Let’s talk about what happened post Bitcoin Gold Fork and what type of news is on the horizon in crypto!

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  1. Crypto Dude
    Crypto Dude says:

    Hey Bobby,
    have you heared of KuCoin a new exchange which has it's own token like Binance?
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    Thanks alot 🙂

  2. Rob Oleskevich
    Rob Oleskevich says:

    I like how Coinigy indicates on the chart where your buys are. You actually use coinigy for trading right? Does it also have a portfolio tracker? I've heard you mention Blockfolio but it seems such a pain to enter each trade manually.

  3. Paul Ng
    Paul Ng says:

    I am confused about the 2Xfork. Hope you can help with these questions.
    1. Do you think I should move my BTC to my hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S) or keep them at coinbase?
    2.If I move the BTC to my hardwarer wallet before the fork, do I receive the B2X after the fork and from whom?
    3. If I leave my BTC in coinbase and later receive B2X as coinbase indicates, when I decide to move both coins to my hardware wallet, do I use the old private key as before the fork? What's about the future moving of these 2 coins, will it always be only 1 private key?

  4. ring ring
    ring ring says:

    hahaha a blood bath – looks like btc is going into a correction and it is dragging all the alt coins with it – where are the professional crypto analysts that said that after the hard fork money from btc will flow into alt coins where are they now ? LOL ? it is easy to take credit when things go right but when it goes south they never admit it – a word of advice do not give trading advice keep your mouths shut !!!

  5. Mark G
    Mark G says:

    What I don't understand is – my BTG is attached to the private keys associated with my BTC. Who GAF if my exchange 'supports' BTG or not?? My BTG is out there and cannot go to anyone else. There should be a way for me to get my BTG whether or not my exchange (Kraken) supports it. This isn't a rant at Crypto Bobby, just a rant in general.

  6. Robert Diggins
    Robert Diggins says:

    I'm a nooooooob. BUT, what I haven't heard get any attention in the narrative being spun on the crypto channels I follow is the following:

    1. [For whatever reason – related to the bcgold fork,] the price of BTC went down around 10% +/- …

    2. The alt-coin markets USE BTC (at least a significant portion of them – some use ETH and $Tether as well) for valuation of alt-coins.

    3. When BTC went down, there was an initial period of INFLATION on the alt-coins. They needed more BTC to retain the same value. IN TERMS OF BTC, there was a rise across the board, in the alt-coins' value (ratio to BTC).

    4. I think this may have been the initial trigger for people to buy into alt-coins, since it APPEARED as though their prices were rising (actually just inflation).

    5. Then, there was a trend of people actually buying more altz, which caused more triggering, such as mentioned in the current narrative.

    I could be totally wrong, but I would like to see the topic of inflation discussed, particularly for alt-coin markets using BTC for valuation.

    I agree that people will, once again go back to BTC, before the 2x split on 11/14. And the inflation that occurs after this next fork will be more significant, because the competition to BTC, from 2X, will be more serious than the BTGold Fork was.

    My question, simply, is: What role did inflation have in the alt-coin markets, after the fork yesterday, and was it, in fact the initial trigger that started this current alt-coin rush?

    Looking forward to any feedback on these thoughts. Thanks!

  7. ouly7
    ouly7 says:

    I just started buying cryptocurrencies recently (after studying it for two months). At the moment I have a big portfolio of altcoins (ETH, XRP, PAY, IOTA, LINK, OMG, WTC, CVC, XLM, NEO and SUB) worth 2.5 BTC. I bought them with all my bitcoins on the 23.10.17 before all of them rocked. Lucky me. 😉 Now I am on the fence… I believe in all these companies but I am still not to 100% sure of holding them for long time. What should I have in consideration if I hodl?

  8. shmadz
    shmadz says:

    Hey Bobby, love your cartoons on twitter (assuming that's you, lol) Here are my thoughts, since you asked:
    I think the "correct" price is XMR = 0.015 BTC and LTC = 0.01 BTC (pretty much right where we are now, coincidentally. 😉
    Current portfolio targets are around 50% BTC, 30% XMR, 10% LTC, and 10% randoms.
    (*this is not financial advice*)

  9. Kay
    Kay says:

    This whole fork scenario is not rocket science, people are fickle minded, they hear free they go running for it. Same thing will happen with B2X people will run to it first, get their free B2X . SO now I do see B2X getting more attention as you said, I do see money flowing into Altcoins AND B2X in this case. Question you have to ask yourself is when is it profitable to get out of B2X well you could either play the 50/50 card …or hold it all or sell it all , that decision is left to each his own. But I feel after this fork we should see alts start to normalize and B2X well we will see where it ends up landing. Goodluck to everyone. Now is a good time to position yourself for the Alt's you would like to hold long term.

  10. BlackMartini
    BlackMartini says:

    You pretty much have the same thoughts as I on the BTG and B2X. People are just trying to get free cash. BTC will spike again just before B2X. But since 80% of the miners are signaling support for B2X this might be a permanent contender for BTC.

  11. cjdangles
    cjdangles says:

    So @cryptobobby do I need to have my BTC in an exchange during the snapshot to eventually get the forked coins? I had mine in Exodus at the time of the BTG fork. If an exchange decides to support it and THEN I move my BTC onto that exchange, will I also have BTG available there?


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