Today is a bit different, as I have a special personal announcement. I’d like to introduce you to something I’ve been working hard on, behind the scenes, for the past few months, called Proof of Talent. Proof of Talent is a technical recruiting firm focused exclusively on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Listen to the ep for more info!


If you are a company looking to hire blockchain talent, please reach out through our site or send an email to

If you are a candidate looking for a career opportunity in the blockchain industry, please submit your resume through our site or send an email to

Perhaps you’re not actively in the job market or a company hiring for talent, but you know someone who is. Proof of Talent is happy to offer a generous referral bonus for both successfully referred clients and candidates.

If you refer a job candidate or hiring company to our team, we’ll pay you $1,000 in BTC, ETH or USD (fiat?!) after a successful placement.
*Referral bonus is paid after client fee collection. Submit referrals here or via email*

Announcement thread:


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  1. Kieron McKay
    Kieron McKay says:

    Can I refer myself @bobby? If there's something in LA or telecommute, I'm a renaissance man generalist of all sorts and I like money. Haven't picked up blockchain development just yet but I am highly poachable for certain types of work. Is there part time or just full time? lol. Best of luck, good sir.

  2. hubert hugues
    hubert hugues says:

    You are having a really hard understanding how xrp works and you claimed it has no use case when we just got word that money gram will be using xRapid… Perhaps read… Before shit posting fud on xrp the standard…

  3. ChronoFlation
    ChronoFlation says:

    I was a software developer who quickly changed gears to get an MBA after realizing professional development wasn't for me. Any positions for someone interested in this tech but who focuses more on managerial interests as opposed to development? I'm also a good tester and do like that kind of work too, if that helps

  4. Phili MAC
    Phili MAC says:

    So, Now I have to add a Technologies Credential to my BA,MBA,Masters and PHD to get an interview. Great there goes another 250K Just messin…Congrats Rob! You will do well…


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