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  1. Adolph van Zyl
    Adolph van Zyl says:

    Hi Ivan, I have a SCARY question for you about the Ambit ICO, Is it possible that after Ambit ICO ends, that Ambit can actually end up owning a larger percentage of the Ambit tokens than the Public Investors? Please look at scenario below:

    Total starting Tokens: 104 Million tokens Ambit gets: 15.6 Million tokens
    Tokens made available for Public sale: 88.4 Million, but only softcap of 6 Million sold during ICO, 82.4 Mill unsold tokens burnt
    Total Remaining Tokens: 21.6 Million, Ambit owns 72.22% of tokens and profit, Public owns 27.78% of tokens and profit. This means if they only hit their softcap, that the public will own less than 1/3 of the profits or mining.

    They say that they will be issuing 104Million tokens, immediately splitting it up 85% (88.4Mill) to be available for sale, (and any that did not sell will be burnt), and 15% (15.6Mill) to Ambit Founders. At this moment right now only 3.7million tokens have been sold, and the ICO has been active for a couple of days now. If the ICO ends, all the tokens not bought up will be burnt, so lets say only 15.6Mill of the 88.4Mill is sold, then after the ICO end, and the other tokens were burnt, there will only be 31.2Mill left, with all investors only owning 50% of the tokens, and the Founders the other 50%. This is a massive Risk!! This possible loophole for Ambit, can make the share balance

  2. O. C.
    O. C. says:

    to all the haters: WTF you care about how somebody speaks, where he looks and what other BS??
    you have to take acting lessons to do business in cryptoland nowadays?
    look at what he does how he shares the info and what balls it takes to invest that big (talking about their first mining project from last year) .
    and i dont care how much he paid ivan-because i prefere ivan (as a crypto-man from early) to get that funds instead of youtube or any other company that puts commercials where i dont need them.
    just saying…

  3. Mark H
    Mark H says:

    I've watched Beka's youtube a few times before, he was great at explaining things at his mining facilities, too bad he kinda blew this interview, with nonexistent eye contact and bad technology mishaps. Kind of an Irony since you are a tech company. If I have never seen Beka before I would have closed this interview 10 minutes in. I still think Beka and what he has done before is great, but this interview blows

  4. 0x 73636f7474
    0x 73636f7474 says:

    Does he ever look at the camera?

    Ice rock mining is still running their ico I believe so ambit isn't the only mining ico.

    If they built their own green energy then that would be impressive, especially if they allowed the local community to make use of any surplus for free.

  5. PorssiMies
    PorssiMies says:

    I have been following Beka since day 1 which is about a year now and can say he is a real deal. I have not seen any ICO or mining business this honest. As he said this is not a scratch project they are able to show you numbers allready done (real money, which you can check by your own due dilligence, facility documented in youtube) and now expanding. I am not a holder of Ambit just honest and interested in follower. The con what I see in their business how they really can handle POS. They will need new funding rounds and how this will dilute the current owners. So the better roadmap and plans will be mandatory I see.

  6. O. C.
    O. C. says:

    i have been watching Beka on CCN-youtube channel for a long time. i was always amazed about the hard work he put in his mining farms and how he shared everything with us on youtube. inspiring cryptopian!!
    i wish them all the best with their all their projects


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