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  1. Zimmo 1987
    Zimmo 1987 says:

    check cryptopia lunch MTL maybe a big boost for some minutes to the moooooooooon cheap to bring it to 6 BTC 🙂 crazy i think only tonight before people sent coins on the site

  2. Emixt Mode
    Emixt Mode says:

    Savage Cat token, tribute to Milly the savage cat / the cryptocurrency cat expert is available for trading on the Waves platform with a limited supply of 999 999 999 units and it's non re-issuable. Once the Savage Cat currency gains popularity and raises some capital will be listed on various exchanges. Savage Cat is currently listed on Waves Decentralized Exchange and it stands as a non-verified asset for now. The price for one Savage Cat is 0.00000010 BTC.

  3. istiklalcaddesi
    istiklalcaddesi says:

    Love your energy
    Love your love towards animals
    I seriously want more videos from you.
    Btw im all in for your #1 coin.
    I took your course as well.
    Lets wait and see what will that achieve.
    It did got listed in few exchanges.

  4. Crypto Planet
    Crypto Planet says:

    I can't understand why there aren't more people promoting Substratum. A decentralized web would not be affected by the FUD regarding government intervention, because it couldn't happen. Anyone who is in the Crypto space can't complain when they loose their livelihood, due to parasitic control freaks, because they think it will only happen somewhere else. As George Carlin once said about the powers that be " It's one big club. and you ain't in it!" And this big club, isn't going to stand by and watch their tax slaves put their money, out of their reach.

  5. Blooniverse
    Blooniverse says:

    @Suppoman Udemy: Could you please use an adblocker (in order to get some white space on the screen)? There is the established 'Adblock Plus' extension for Chrome (organisation: Adblockplus[dot]org), which also erases Youtube-ads, btw!

  6. Tas Perifimou
    Tas Perifimou says:

    Thanks for the scammer warnings Suppo! I'm going to download viviq for the ease of view. Makes me sick, I know you guys will never ask for money in that way. You dont even monetise your vids which is cool (i do upvote you on steemit btw). Say meow to Millie the cat for me, peace!

  7. Luke Roberts
    Luke Roberts says:

    The easy way to tell if they are not the youtube channel owner is the real channel owners name is in a circle and the scammers name won't be. example look at Suppoman Udemy's name on the pinned comment.

  8. Fredrik Aarrestad
    Fredrik Aarrestad says:

    LBRY will die out eventually. The Dev team is too slow and what they are doing can be done a whole lot better on the STEEM blockchain which also has the synergy effect with the blogging platform and far more active established community.

    Also, with DSound also being on the STEEM blockchain now (soundcloud on blockchain) they are showing that they will be the number 1 crypto for content creation overall, not just for blogging.

  9. Roman
    Roman says:

    Hey Suppoman thanks for the videos! Lost my mom years back…sorry to hear you went through the same thing. Bought your course yesterday. Keep up the good work!

  10. Maxim Delaet
    Maxim Delaet says:

    The thing is that I don't see Bitcoin or Eth x10 in years because those will get market caps of the same value as the biggest companies on earth.
    I do think they will increase and maybe double or tripple in a year but slowly from now on.
    But many great projects like CVC and Steem will probably become many multi billions like Monero etc are now.

  11. Maxim Delaet
    Maxim Delaet says:

    Those scams are too obvious…
    I've been misleaded by a PERFECT (even real time working) copy paste of Ether Delta with HTTPS (secure certificate).
    The url was http://www.etherdelta.giLthub.com so the only difference was a (for me invisible) L in the github part.
    I've made a steemit post about it https://steemit.com/steemit/@cryptotime/cryptocurrency-phishing-site-has-cost-me-800-euros.
    And because I lost so much and try to get something back I started a crowdfund and try to help people avoiding phishing! https://www.gofundme.com/victim-of-phishing-lost-800-euros


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