Libra. It seems like the whole damn world is talking about it right now. Facebook. Cryptocurrency. Buzzwords. World Domination. Government Overthrows. Shadow Banks. Let’s talk about what Facebook’s Libra means at a high level for the world of cryptocurrency and my general take on what Libra “means for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency” industry at this point.

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  1. Heme Heru
    Heme Heru says:

    look heres the fact, its only a problem for the western world because it will be regulated heavy and maybe China, but not everywhere else .Goverments doesn't care about ur transaction or what u got in ur account or how much u make…western world is control – the undeveloped world is uncontrolled…im from the states but moved out in 2008 and honesty this doesn't bother me..Where im at we already use cryoto as currency for everything…the banks we don't trust because their uninsured so we love crypto's and Libra wont be any harm, it will be another spoke on the wheel…GET OUT OF THE MATRIX PEOPLE "Western World"

  2. Joe Coggins
    Joe Coggins says:

    I kinda like how libra is happening for the pure fact that it seems like a last ditch effort for a corporation to copy bitcoin. There have been so many attempts to copy and none have succeeded thus far. Once Libra launches and fails I imagine there will be a lot of focus around bitcoin being the dominant currency.

  3. Justice NDOU
    Justice NDOU says:

    people just love to say i don't trust facebook don't they , i mean i understand you are hooked to facebook you feel guilty about it then you start making all sorts of excuses, just face it no one really cares if you trust facebook or not, their business model is not trust based….deal with it,

  4. Cory Hopper
    Cory Hopper says:

    Head of Blockchain said Facebook's Libra will distance itself from BTC and have deals with traditional banks and authorities. What do you think, is this the end of decentralization? Bitcoin has moved up $9,300 as most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting moderate gains of the day. The Bitcoin Halving is coming, just less than a year away. Like clockwork, in anticipation for this event the Bitcoin price starts to rise. Will BTC break 10k by the date of the halving? Will another epic bull run follow the halving just like in the past? My only advice for investors and new bees is to take advantage of Mr James’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 2.5btc to 9btc in just 3weeks. You can reach him on knappjames26 @gmail or telegram @cryptoJamesKnapp

  5. Baraka Andrew
    Baraka Andrew says:

    There's no problem sending money locally in developing countries, in fact sometimes its easier than in developing countries, for example, you can send money without having an internet connection using normal SMS. Everyone with a phone has a bank account, your sim card is your bank, its already there in developing countries go and fuckin see for yourself. Those with no mobile phones that you "want to bank" won't give a fuck about Libra, they can't afford $1 a day there's no way they are buying a smartphone. I'm surprised all of you people with your assumptions, how do you think people in developing countries live? on trees eating leaves? The only problem is sending money internationally which I think is a global problem, maybe money inflation as well. I love BTC, I will use Libra to buy BTC. Just stop your nonsense with the third world already it's false. I have lived there I know.

  6. Metal Bum
    Metal Bum says:

    It’s funny how full circle this is. Zuckerberg stole the Facebook idea from the Winklevoss twins and now is trying to steal the crypoverse with Libra.

    Zuckerberg must really hate those twins…

    Also Buy gold as a hedge guys.

  7. Y K
    Y K says:

    Libra has huge potential if they do things right to left billions out of poverty with the reach they have.

    When you provide equal value to any user without disadvantages for any participant depending where and who they are or the economic ladder they in, like what is provided in a true decentralized currency (BITCOIN) anything will have a net positive effect.

    I have just one question for Facebook, what will stop any government from print more money and inflate the amount of Libra just like any other fiat currency.

    My suggestions to you, 1st step to take is to back some portion of Libra with bitcoin to be even remotely considered to be used by developing nations as a global currency.

    If not, fear wall to all products and services related to Facebook in those countries, which are most of your user base. It’s 2019 the representation of any individual labor for the

    same work should be relatively equal regardless of where they are.

    This will be Make or Break for you Facebook trad wisely. Do not get into short term hype cycle.

  8. drain the swamp 2.0
    drain the swamp 2.0 says:

    libra moon shot will only still be a dollar and when the dollar goes to zero mark will have plenty of gold and silver. unreal what a scam we will see if the public learned there lesson or will they choose to be controlled. F FB

  9. russell UK
    russell UK says:

    If only Bitcoin had got its shit together and did not have all the infighting. If Bitcoin had scaled and worked better then it would be really moving ahead of all this crap.

  10. M. Malek
    M. Malek says:

    For sure a shitcoin as similar to other 2200 other shitcoins that do not solve a real problem. However dont underestimate the Power of social media and its influence. Facebook was a main driver for the Arab spring, the US election and the BREXIT voting.

  11. timkug
    timkug says:

    Well said. Facebook had the chance to do it right. They talked to at least 3 crypto projects (Stellar being the biggest); all turned them down based on principles. I hope public feedback convinces them to rethink making a centralized permissioned stable coin and just adopt true crypto instead.

  12. Reinaldo Kalachian
    Reinaldo Kalachian says:

    I will risk to say libra will solve the issues 90% of shitcoins have been promising for the past few years to solve and yet nothing has happened. The countdown for alts has started and you better start accumulating bitcoin, the only crypto worth holding for the long run. RIP ripple and their bagholders ( so funny to watch them buying money gram shares lmao so desperate)


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