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  1. Andrew Hoban
    Andrew Hoban says:

    so interesting how bored you are for this interview Ivan. I thought that Winding Tree was a decent concept with the developers and partnerships to pull it off. The guy doesn't seem bent on selling himself, and windingtree never really have been big on advertising, but I'm just so curious why you are so disinterested!

  2. yagoa
    yagoa says:

    IOTA is also nonprofit, also community funded they got 0 IOTAS from creating them,
    so clearly on another level, he is either disconnected from the space or bsing
    taking pointers from Vitalik who took quite a lot of ETH for himself is a red flag of itself

  3. wootpile
    wootpile says:

    Good enough interview considering it was sponsored. I bought some, although how we are supposed to gain as investors since the coin has no private use is difficult to project..

  4. Jordan Cox
    Jordan Cox says:

    I really appreciate the interview and it doesn't seem like it's completely "ask us these friendly questions because we are paying you" but please, interviews should not be sponsored as much as possible because regardless they can never be seen as completely trustworthy which is where you are currently recruiting your user base from. If you stay genuine and with your deep knowledge of crypto, people will buy your course (and are, I have for example) and you will make money on your investments too. You don't need small cash grabs like this! If you really don't have enough money, why not have a patreon – people would be much happier to support you to keep you as "uninfluenced" as possible! 🙂

  5. Blake Sieders
    Blake Sieders says:

    Ivan, you're a great interviewer – not shying away from the tough questions, and giving the interviewee every chance to logically explain their project, or expose the lack of it! I didn't like the non-committal attitude towards the tech chosen. So basically you're telling me you're choosing Ethereum so that you can do an ICO and get paid, but then you'll jump ship immediately with no transparency. How do you expect the builders and communities of the blockchain choice(s) to get behind you if you don't demonstrate any confidence in their tech?

  6. Omar
    Omar says:

    I would suggest you think twice about doing sponsored Livestreams so early in the days of "ivan on tech". I get that you need money, but find another way, you may lose subscribers trust before becoming an influencer in the space

  7. Henrik Wallin
    Henrik Wallin says:

    If this doesn't crash and burn (or especially then…) it would be nice with a follow-up interview in half a year or so. (Just like you have to do a follow-up on IOTA – If Come-from-beyond becomes less busy in a few months, that would be more than awesome.)

    It would be interesting to see if different related DLT project will compete and/or cooperate. For example Bee Token that should be interested in this project.

  8. cgnss
    cgnss says:

    I appreciate you staying quite composed and neutral during sponsored interview, not trying to hype the ICO ahem ahem ahem ahem ahem 🙂 also nice questions, every important one is asked. the weakest answer: why blockchain, why ETH not BTC = red flag!

  9. Steve
    Steve says:

    Well…. I will not be buying any Winding tree tokens. Nothing different or special here. I believe there is a much better system that could be put into place to not only make it faster and easyer to book travel, but also make it cheaper and guarantee that -Your Hotel room cannot be double booked, your car rental will we ready, available and also can't be double booked, and ensures —Everything that that you purchase and rent, will be Exactly as it is at the time of purchase. No changes.


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