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  1. chemykl
    chemykl says:

    If you're considering investing in the SNIP ICO please understand the following: Snip didn't exist in any meaningful manner until several months ago, they give no solid proof of the active & paid users they claim for their platform and their only value offering is taking news stories and condensing them to a couple/few paragraphs; something that's done well by reddit bots free of charge. The whole thing gives off very strong scam ICO vibes.

  2. GHOSTHazeChiller
    GHOSTHazeChiller says:

    does any body know whats up with the snip news app in the google play store? because ran clearly stated that they dont have an app by this point but they are working on it and the whitepaper says and closed beta should start in jan. 2018. this could get bad pretty soon…

  3. Alan Shields
    Alan Shields says:

    I understand what he is trying to do BUT there are way too many coins out there for this and that. There needs to be one coin everybody uses and if you have a viable business, you will make money. If you can only make money if your coin goes up in value, then it isn't a good business. Second concern, who says that what will be written isn't false or propaganda?

    BROOKLYN says:

    Hi Ran,, good luck with your project !! Regarding Snip, I'm not clear why news needs to be on a blockchain when we already have blogs and sites like Steemit. I'm new to this arena and my question is … as someone coming into this blind … it feels like a real commitment to get tokens if they only have value within the blockchain itself? ie: If I get tips then how do I convert those tokens to fiat?

    Ivan, This is a tangent, but if you have time.
    Can you help me understand what it means for example to build a company on say the Etherium blockchain vs one's own independent blockchain? From what I understand ETH is not a currency at all … it's a different animal? Why would a company build on an existing blockchain and how does that affect "performance" so to speak … it's harder for me to follow Snip unless I understand ETH and the ICO that are coming out.

  5. john smith
    john smith says:

    You'll get a lot of crap from people in the comments for doing sponsored videos but hopefully you'll still let them say what they want to say. Cryptobud started deleting negative comments on his paid videos and now I lost all trust in his advice. Once you start censoring it creates a false narrative and then you're in the same category as those channels who make vids saying "I earned 100k using bitconnect and you can too with my referral link!".

  6. Henrik Wallin
    Henrik Wallin says:

    He is calling the CIA propaganda from Washington Post and New York Times for "news"?!? Maybe he was thinking of New York Post? 😛

    I see a problem that with his way of thinking about filtering, readers of for example Bezos' Blog (WaPo) will only read comments from people who think WaPo paints a fair image of that it's just a few bad apples in CIA that smuggles narcotics and illegal weapons. They will not read comments about that Bezos bought WaPo at the same time as his Amazon got a CIA "cloud computing" contract for twice as much as he paid for WaPo.

    But I guess that most people will eventually get curious about what people outside of their own bubble are actually talking about, so maybe this isn't as big problem as I fear.


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