Cornavirus OUTBREAK in China – we’ll take a look at the Wuhan virus (Corona viruses) and it’s global impact.
We talk about the drug Remdesivir (Gilead), Arbidol and Darunavir which have shown promise as potential treatments for the Wuhan Virus. In particular, we look at Remdesivir which inhibits the RNA polymerase created by the corono virus, effectively preventing it’s spread.
#Coronavirus #wuhanvirus #pandemic

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29 replies
  1. Tony V
    Tony V says:

    Do not know about xenophobia, cannot say I have ever seen a xeno, so I guess I do not have a phobia about something I have never seen! heheheh…Thanks for your updates, follow them every day…Michigan, USA

  2. J Sproles
    J Sproles says:

    Living in New Orleans, travel to Houston. Have a husband and child flying to India in 2 weeks. Fear level is 3 mostly due to their upcoming travel. Have been picking up a few items here and there but nothing huge. Some bleach wipes, some N95’s, already have eye protection. Other than that…staying positive.

  3. KroutSuprem
    KroutSuprem says:

    I'm currently in Thailand. The number of Chinese tourists here is impressive… Ive a been stuck in a minivan with a coughing Chinese girl for a full day trip. 😷🦠🧟‍♂️

  4. Rick Hay
    Rick Hay says:

    If Mainland China was more open there could have been an international effort of medical professionals flying in to assist with the treatment and containment. Obviously they’ve lost control and need help to save lives.

  5. Athena Rivera
    Athena Rivera says:

    I didn't see it but I read about the said "real numbers". At that time it was 120,000 with the virus and many deceased. Speculation was the virus started in Oct. Wish I could remember what "feed" I was looking at. I wonder if there's truth to it due to the crematoriums running 24hrs.

  6. Monogamous Bonobo
    Monogamous Bonobo says:

    On a previous podcast when Mike took a survey, I've elevated my rating from 6 to 7/10. I'm in Southern Oregon and following the recent verified cases in the bay area. Consequently, i had a trip planned there next week & have cancelled it. Travis AFB has been designated 1 of 4 military installations as a quarantine site. As of this writing two planes have landed & ppl have been quarantined there while others flown to Miramar.

  7. pickin4you
    pickin4you says:

    Unless you are speaking as to where this virus came from and who is to blame, then you are just talking. Again… This virus was INVENTED at the Pirbright Institute in Surrey England. They applied for a patent for the Coronavirus way back in 2015, and it was approved in 2018. The patent lists the names of the 3 people who made this virus. So… someone paid them to make it. Someone from the UK let it out in China… On Purpose. Since they made the virus, they also made the antivirus, but are allowing thousand of people to die, and 10's of thousands to be infected, and are not turning lose of the antivirus. If they did, then those who do not do their research would never know they invented the damn thing. WE have medical professionals saying it came from Bats in China, when there is documented proof of the patent on this invented, man made virus. This should be all over the news and the internet, but only one person I know of found this onfo and shared it, and I have a link to her YT channel, where she SHOWS the patent document, that shows all of the proof you need to know to start calling your local news stations and get the woprd out which will force the UK to give out the antivirus.
    The part about the virus starts at the 52:46 mark of this video….. Oh, and this woman is an attorney, former state prosecutor, and now spend all of her time teaching everyone the constitution on the United States…. Now to the video, and again, start at the 52:46 mark….

  8. A Leap of Faith
    A Leap of Faith says:

    There is a least one suspected case I know of in the UK that has never been mentioned in the media of a woman in fifties with pneumonia not a person who would not normally be considered risk for pneumonia …. – it is known that the virus may not show in tests aka the tests can be false negative (two have been publicised – one in canada and one in south korea) – but even the 2 definite cases where they will have interacted generally, we are not getting information about measures and monitoring – just the standard ''nothing to see here, move along'' type message. It's deeply worrying that the UK is not informing the public and it is clear that there is media control on this issue as numbers quoted are out of date, or there isn't even a segment, or it is a segment about calling people who are scared racist.


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