Cornavirus OUTBREAK in China – we’ll take a look at the Wuhan virus (Corona viruses) and it’s global impact.
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This virus outbreak is sweeping the world with new cases discovered in the US, France and Australia. Wuhan and 6 other Chinese cities are under quarantine – and the virus is moving international
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24 replies
  1. prazertv
    prazertv says:

    The fecal matter spread is not from sewage leakage. It's from poor hygiene. Some people are just not washing their hands after they use the bathroom and are touching doorknobs and other surfaces and spreading the virus. That is a more likely probability that fumes from sewage spreading the virus.

  2. Andy Walker
    Andy Walker says:

    Most bacteria and viruses can live in fecal matter- why do you think plumbers have the highest immunity of all occupations-? The problem isn’t viruses, but humans who have low immunity from their sterile environment

  3. Cowboy Cooke
    Cowboy Cooke says:

    Way befote corona scientific studies proved that the high velocity hand dryers in public bathroom spread all over the bathroom…environmentalists stopped the use of heated hand dryers that dont blow hard…dumbed down people still use these non heated dryers and essentially blow poop microbes everywhere.


    So far the information is pointing to: Spreads in 2-14 day asymptomatic phase, spreads through air by cough and fecal matter and any body fluid contact, and can live outside the body up to 9 hours…

    This has to be biological warfare, if this comes from zoonotic transfer then the Chinese would have encountered this virus and would have some detectable level of antibody immunity. This can't be just from a bad batch of bat soup as so many are believing, someone has to culture and modify this kind of specie specific virus that has been around for thousands of years to make the jump to human genes.

    If you have absolutely no clue what im talking about look into "Plum Island" and "Limes Disease". That will be a good starter for the unaware and curious enough to seek answers.

  5. magna viator
    magna viator says:

    you're comparing apples and oranges. stop scaring people. the new cases confirmed were already in the population of "suspected" cases waiting for testing. Nothing has changed, if anything, you would need to exclude the new cases that has not been confirmed by dna testing inorder to use the comparison with previous numbers. Apples =/= Oranges.

  6. Doug InOrlando
    Doug InOrlando says:

    From what I can figure, the Official explanation says they added 13,335 cases because they ALL have serious pneumonia and now they will receive better health care. They also said Hubei was changed to match the criterion used by the other provences. This implies China may ONLY be counting pneumonia level infections … And Hubei had not even been including all of them until now. If the official number of cases only includes pneumonia level severity, then the real total must be much larger 60,000/14% or 420,000.

    Also cockroaches could be a disease vector tracking infected sewage to household food, eating utensils, toothbrushes.


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