Bitcoin has passed the $10,000 milestone (and now $11,000), with ETH over $500, and LTC over $100. It’s a BIG milestone day in the crypto space, but people everywhere are jumping to call “the top” of the markets. Yes, the markets are super frothy, but I’m hesitant to jump to call the top. Let’s talk about the big market movements today!

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  1. Brian Tezo
    Brian Tezo says:

    Its only going up bcuz of the media.. Whats ppl gonna do once they stop buying into it?

    Sell it to invest into something else? Causing a huge drop.
    Use it as regular cash? What will make it go up anymore?

    Once mining stops which it will be yrs from now—-pay a small tip as an incentive for ppl to keep working up blocks which in return it gets harder by the time costing more so as to be cost effective. It will be just as a regular bank with transactions?

    When you buy with btc is the same as cash is just a = amount. Say
    .01btc = $5 = coffe cup. Its not like if you pay with btc is gonna be .009 coffe as to cash be $5. It will still be .01 btc.
    Am newcand really dumb so just trying to see the long term benefits. As if its gonna stay here for hundreds of yrs

  2. mike akridge
    mike akridge says:

    A better investment seems to be the latest startup- Eroscoin. I bought @ $0.15/coin and with a 45% bonus. If Eroscoin goes up to $1.00, I will have exceeded gains of bitcoin with only minimal risk. The Eroscoin ICO has been successful and begins trading Dec 1st, 2017.

  3. MightyTor
    MightyTor says:

    I am so sad! I wanted to sell all my ETH and LTC at 500 and 100, but the Coinbase site was down. It was down for almost 12 hours! That is absolutely horrible! I lost a big opportunity, now I gotta hold it all to the top again……

  4. Diego Romero
    Diego Romero says:

    Look at how infectious this currency is. I mean to sell anything you have to put it in the consumer's hand and here we see people being enticed by the idea of returns from investment clearly liking this new currency. However, in the end when the market cap has been reached and there is no need to exchange this currency to buy things at walmart or mcdonalds instead of just save :)… This will simply be your new currency with a value of one of itself… On that note I've always loved the idea that I may one day own tens of bitcoin and others will dance to the tune of ridiculous exchange rates. I used to think to myself, "An Arizona tea should be 1 btc in no time people" And so I some how calculated we crypto people will be the ruling one percent.
    Tip btc if you laughed.

  5. toni g
    toni g says:

    Bobby’s exact words in his live steam last night was it’s stupid that people thought it was going to drop after it hit 10k. I’m glad you’re cashing in on all the amateurs investors…. bitcoin is dropping now

  6. HodL4Lambo
    HodL4Lambo says:

    just asked the Asian guy(super smart) that works at my office how much Bitcoin he’s holding? and he said “WTF is Bitescoin?” It’s official Bitcoin is nowhere near a bubble.

  7. Juli Sibecas
    Juli Sibecas says:

    Im investing at the moment in an altocoin called DeepOnion. Its a really good coin with a lot of features and a dev team really active, you should check it out now due to the price is kinda low.

  8. Maxwell Mckinley
    Maxwell Mckinley says:

    Hey Bobby, question regarding Coinbase for you. Say I purchase a certain amount of LTC when it was at $80 but since it came from my bank it takes 5-7 days to get into my account. When I receive the LTC will coinbase give it to me at the price I got it at say $80 or will they give you the LTC at the price it currently is? Just wondering as its gone up as you stated and it would be awesome to take those gains when the LTC arrives. Thanks boss

  9. WastedTalent
    WastedTalent says:

    I honestly check the charts once a day now, I am holding regardless because no matter what happens in the short term, bitcoin will go up. If it drops I will huh more but until then, im just gonna chill

  10. Jay Dee
    Jay Dee says:

    Never compare BITCOIN with altcoins. Bitcoin is GOLD on steroids. And Bitcoin has unequivocally proven in the last eight years that it keeps breaking it’s previous highs consistently

  11. Jay Dee
    Jay Dee says:

    Any pullbacks that bitcoin has had of late become shallower and far shorter lived. When bitcoin hits $50,000 in 2018 people will have wished they loaded up the truck at current levels.


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