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  1. Kazanchev
    Kazanchev says:

    That twit was full of sarcasm (fully trusted ANONYMOUS source – do you get the joke now?), plus HODL word was with stylized L (Litecoin). Twitter full of morons. Including you.

  2. Randy Zemora
    Randy Zemora says:

    Savage Cat token, tribute to Milly the savage cat / the cryptocurrency cat expert is available for trading on the Waves platform with a limited supply of 999 999 999 units and it's non re-issuable. Once the Savage Cat currency gains popularity and raises some capital will be listed on various exchanges. Savage Cat is currently listed on Waves Decentralized Exchange and it stands as a non-verified asset for now. The price for one Savage Cat is 0.00000010 BTC.


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