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  1. Sabir Shakirov
    Sabir Shakirov says:

    Чел, ты красава. Смотрю твои трансляции, всегда по делу. Хотел узнать как ты выучил язык и сколько времени у тебя это заняло. Спасибо!

  2. Damien
    Damien says:

    A point about Richard Heart. He said himself that he was tired of everyone else making more money than him. What does that tell you? The only thing he was right about was Bitcoin going up. He trash talked alts right from the beginning and now he's upset that he was wrong. His out of nowhere change of mind was nothing but discrediting.

  3. R M
    R M says:

    I think since you have the programming/technical angle on your daily show which many other crypto youtubers don't you could get away with having standard 20 minute episodes instead of 15 minute without viewers getting bored, you'd fit in a little more like ETH stats and/or wouldn't have to rush over things when you don't want to 🙂 please keep it up either way, super informative! will be starting the academy today 🙂

  4. dactylntrochee
    dactylntrochee says:

    You may want to have Mr Schiff DEFINE the word "intrinsic" before the show. Here's a garden variety definition:

    belonging naturally; essential.
    "access to the arts is intrinsic to a high quality of life"
    synonyms: inherent, innate, inborn, inbred, congenital, connate, natural

    Gold and Silver have ACCEPTED value — history indicates that without question. BUT their INTRINSIC value is only what they can be used for in industry. Consider space travel, where people must take the things essential for life (now THAT's intrinsic value). They take things like water (hydrogen, oxygen), salt (sodium, chlorine) and organic materials such as fruit and meat which contain all the carbon, nitrogen, potassium etc necessary for life, but there's ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE for life in gold & the like. Their value is purely EXtrinsic.

    If you can get Mr Schiff to refine or redirect his use of the word "intrinsic" — before he gets started — you'll have done many people a real service.

    You might also point out that the value of gold is one of several publicly accepted fictions that help societies operate. Some other fictions that have helped us get this far are:

    1) Human life is essentially precious. (With 7+ billion, I PROMISE you, life is cheap.)
    2) God knows about people and knows everyone's name. (As well as the position of every insect and electron at every moment.)
    3) A person with a badge and uniform, probably not VERY well educated, can issue directives that SHOULD be followed.
    4) Love lasts forever.
    5) "It's as solid as a greenback dollar." "A penny saved is a penny earned." (These last two are definitely worth reconsidering. People born after 1980 may never have heard these expressions, so I guess things are changing, albeit slowly. Peter definitely agrees with the dismissal of these phrases.)

    Now that we've established that there are useful fictions, among which the value of gold is probably the oldest, we should understand that they're only devices for getting things to run smoothly, but they aren't INTRINSICALLY true.

    Mr Schiff's proper use of the term (or, better, abandonment of it) might 1) make his observations more coherent than they currently are and 2) encourage him to rethink his position.

    This is, needless to say, not financial advice, but the simple rantings of an old man* (older than Peter, anyway) who loves clarity in communication.

    *Clarification: an old man who is still happy to plant an olive tree.

  5. El Risitas
    El Risitas says:

    why are you bringing this assclown for live streaming? guess you really want people to unsubscribe because of constant garbage (last time you streamed with this fat man child who literally CRIED on stream because BTC went down)
    shits ridiculous
    stop it

  6. kokolorenz
    kokolorenz says:

    "Have not money on exchanges" is so easy to say. I especcially bought a Ledger Nano S, but that doesn't support Raiblocks. So the only possibility is having a local wallet on the computer, which can be hacked as well. Lost all my Raiblocks now, most of my portofolio. Soo frustrating…. 🙁

  7. John DiAntonio
    John DiAntonio says:

    Hey buddy. You are always very informative and professional. I would not worry about saying you guys so much. Many people do it. Also I just set up a lightning network thanks for getting me on the fast track.

  8. Ibe Van Geel
    Ibe Van Geel says:

    Ivan, people still think the transaction fee is high and speed is low of BTC , but actually it is pretty low and fast again.
    You should talk about that more and compare it over longer time frames, like 30days 90days …

  9. David
    David says:

    Ivan, great work, first of all. U have been, What I consider, a good source of information.
    When Will u teach the Lightning node setup?

    Peace out brother

  10. Yosif Metodiev
    Yosif Metodiev says:

    The wish of eliminating central authority kind of has the effect that intermediaries exist nevertheless but this time they are represented by "Francesco the Bomber", they are not accountable, they are not subjected to any jurisdiction, the legal framework often doesn't even exist and most of all: they don't give a fuck.

  11. Will Pareto
    Will Pareto says:

    I was interested in XRB back in december when it was $4 because I was impressed with the size of the community behind it but i didn't want to subscribe to Bitgrail when I heard people couldn't withdraw safely (already in December). Then quickly after the train left and it went to $32. I might go in if it goes back to about $5…

  12. Antonia Vie
    Antonia Vie says:

    17M Nano is 13% of the entire supply… that is really significant!
    I don't want to spread to much FUD, but this would be a reason for most people not wanting to invest and will constantly be brought up in the future.

  13. Luis Abreu
    Luis Abreu says:

    The only crypto that is getting real-world merchant adoption is Monero that is being widely used on the Darknet, almost all Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies demand is financial speculative in nature.

  14. CryptoKaiser
    CryptoKaiser says:

    Ok so rolling back the big boys blockchain Ethereum is totally fine and everybody turns a blind eye and loves this corrupted project. But NANO can't roll it back???? Even though they where clearly pushing for new users that they had no choice other than to use Bitgrail.


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