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  1. I3UTM
    I3UTM says:

    I do not like the idea of direct Government-back loans (a central entity) being used to fund a private endeavour of investing into crypto-currencies (a decentralised entity.)

  2. G Pach
    G Pach says:

    Add IOTA to some traffic light sensors and new cars. How much fuel could be saved by not waiting unnecessarily at street lights when there is no cross traffic?

  3. ville elo
    ville elo says:

    I am into this car token exchange thing. It is another interesting solution for my hatred against slow drivers that block the road. I always thought the solution would be self driving cars. But also if the cars drive themselvesit it is still an interesting thing. thanks for the vid

  4. rd f
    rd f says:

    The Crypto Cars idea could be used for other interesting projects. How about Crypto Carbon credits? Companies that use less carbon would be rewarded with tokens.

  5. Little Finger
    Little Finger says:

    Ivan, I'm thinking about signing up for your smart contract programming course. How long are you going to hold the $99 sale? Also, your sales page gives off a sort of scammer vibe (not saying it is a scam in any measure). From the slug being "/sales-page-19269457" to the way it is formatted and the 13k value for 99. Just my 2 cents.

  6. Pradeep Poonia
    Pradeep Poonia says:

    Hey Ivan, I think you should accept JUST crypto and not fiat for your courses. If you truly believe in crypto why are you taking fiat. The 'team Fiat' is not trying to walk hand and in hand with the crypto, they are trying to kill crypto. 1 bitcoin should be 1 bitcoin. Unless people like you start crypto adoption, how will crypto get into mainstream??

  7. Koo Guys
    Koo Guys says:

    “We can focus on building something meaningful, instead of hyping, mooning and lamboing.” That is true and very funny. I got tired of hearing all the hype BS. We needed a major correction and imo we are currently in the correction, it’s about time. Good video.

  8. eL TomoS
    eL TomoS says:

    Great content as always Ivan. I've just started your course, my brother has already finished it and is very satisfied with the quality. I was a bit pesimistic at starters (before signing up) but have to admit that you really took a lot of time, energy and effort to build this course. My brother is signing up/signed up for your course on coding. He builds websites for a living so I know he must have much confidence in Ivan his courses. This is not financial advice guys 😜 but sign up for Ivan his courses anyway 🙌 Greetz from 🇧🇪

  9. Konrad Dobson
    Konrad Dobson says:

    That could turn pretty distopian pretty fast. A bunch of rich guys racing past everyone else stuck in traffic. And people who want no part of that whole thing being forced into it by other drivers that do by not letting them ahead. Brr 😀


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