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  1. D. J
    D. J says:

    The crypto market is acting similar to the so called dot com bubble from 99/2000. There were great ideas and companies at the time but only a handful survived, but not because there wasn't a need for the variety of services. It was the infrastructure which was missing. Hardly anyone had access to the internet and many still had dial up over the telephone line. So if you have the greatest shopping mall on the planet and you build it on the antarctic, hardly anyone can use your offering and deals.
    There is only a big difference this time around.
    1. The infrastructure is developing 100 times faster than in 1999.
    2. Users are more open to money/token transactions via non personal contact.
    3. A network affect doesn't just go from 0-100 or 0-1000 in minutes!? It's more like 0-1,000,000 in seconds.
    4. Digital tokens/money transactions actually benefit 3rd world countries.
    5. Border-less non controllable systems for example internet controlled by the people and not by government or private companies is true net neutrality which boost digital currency ten fold.

    Analyst come up with the excuse that Bitcoin for example isn't backed by anything! Well how about other currencies? The Dollar is just hot air! The only thing backing the Dollar is the American people and its workforce combined with spending power, although the U S is actually bankrupt. The Dollar has dropped over 20 percent to the Euro just the last 12 months. Over 20 trillion dollar depth rapidly rising!! The actual number is close to 100 trillion dollar depth when adding social security and medicare. The man in the Whitehouse is now closing borders and icealating the U S from the rest of the World on trade and some countries no longer use the so called World currency (Dollar) when trading.

    Within the next 2 to 8 weeks DOW, NASDAQ, Dax and other markets will start tumbling once everyone realizes that the U S Tax cut was a actual Tax fraud cut only benefitting the top 1 percent like the Trump family (allegedly over 1 Billion in savings on the Tax fraud cut). The middle class families will pay the bill because it snowballs. When the dollar weakens companies have to pay more for importing supply and the supply chain. But for them its no problem, they just raise the prices on goods and there goes the Tax cut and the 1,5 Trillion additional depth is paid by the middle and lower class straight into the pockets of the 1 per-centers. This great tax cut scam is going to push on the markets and the dollar and we are back to 2008 only this time it will be epidemic. Not just felt in the U S and Europe but globally.

    The combination of the above and Blockchain companies in 2018 delivering on there promises will make Bitcoin and promising Altcoins with actual use take off to highs not seen yet. But first my personal guess is that Bitcoin will fall to 3K . Shitcoins should be swept out by the time we hit that low. Hopefully sooner than later and then its sit back and enjoy the ride.

    My humble opinion only.

  2. iamdmc
    iamdmc says:

    ledger is currently the best hardware wallet
    the vulnerability that was found should be fixed but the overreaction on their twitter post is an attack either by a competitor or from the same source of all the FUD in the market that tries to kill crypto.
    They can't kill the revolution. They can't stop it. They can only delay it.

  3. The Snake Pit
    The Snake Pit says:

    Becoming a big fan og yours Ivan.
    I wish there where more channels like yours.
    All these coin shilling youtubers are making this Bobble burst,
    We need people like you , whos trying to teach and make the normal guy what crypto basicly are about, thats the only way the save this ecosystem, even if people dont wanna know, they just gotta.
    Shilling coins are bringing this crypto down, and its not gonna turn around by shilling more ico's.
    Good job Ivan.

  4. AltGene
    AltGene says:

    The Things About Crypto People Is There So Selfish, Considering That BitCoin Came Out Of The 1% v's 99% Oh Please Vitalik There Are Better Ways To Help People Live Longer!

  5. Joe Williams
    Joe Williams says:

    I am an AWS Cloud Architect. I enjoy your videos daily. I plan on taking your class when I return from my business travel. I would like to have a word with you. Please let me know how I can contact you.

  6. Chris Reynoso
    Chris Reynoso says:

    Thanks Ivan and good morning! I am taking your online course and it's great so far. How do you have such a deep knowledge of programming and everything related to crypto at such a young age!? Impressive. Has that been your main educational focus? For me I tend to get to watered down by all of the varied interests I have haha.

    Regarding the current market "correction," I do think there is a lot of fear around the subject of cryptocurrency. Part of it is a need for education but I do think some of it is legitimate. I have this feeling that a lot of people think it is very difficult to keep secure. With all of the scammers, security flaws, etc…Now with the ledger! It used to be that the hardware wallet was the one known way to keep your cryptos safe. Now that is even in doubt.

    It now seems that keeping a paperwallet or have a separate computer that never touches the internet and use an offline MEW may be the best way? These are still the early days of crypto, with much still to be worked out but in the meantime I think helping people know how to be as secure as possible is needed.

  7. mikemen10
    mikemen10 says:

    Just want to say, you are not right about ledger max coins. You can store any amount of coins and wallets, they just have limit of apps installed at once. You can install app, deposit your coins and then delete app. After you install it back, you will still got all your coins there! 😉

  8. Ricardas Iluvataru
    Ricardas Iluvataru says:

    Really actual video thank you for your hard work. Ivan can you do a video about `Bancor` how to buy their tokens and what they are going to help us with ? Out there everything is so confused. Your style to explain things are excellent simple and profound. I think it would be interesting for many your followers.

  9. Skydiver711
    Skydiver711 says:

    You and the rest of your kind were pushing Leger and had links for purchase so why don't you have any answers for us as to what should I do to avoid being scammed? Ive seen theres a way to check the address generated by clicking down towards the bottom of screen? When you showed the pic there was a bug red arrow and you mentioned NOTHING about it r how to be safe!

  10. Jason Lee
    Jason Lee says:

    Actually, Ledger Nano S has no limit on the number of coins. If you mean the at Ledger Nano S can only have 5-6 app wallets covered at any one time, that is true. But all you would need to do to handle more than 6 types of coin, is uninstall and install the apps and switch them around; which can be done without losing anything- other than your time.


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