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  1. Ebrelus
    Ebrelus says:

    It's just market dummies. Bubbles pop! Nobody prints nothing here. 1 Bitcoin is still 1 Bitcoin! Why do you care?

    And even if look at global markets – everybody prints fiat like crazy, for years!

    Be happy Bitcoin popped. Global markets will also pop eventually but Bitcoin will be the healtieest investment then.

    It is just a bear market and corrections are good! You saw BTC going to high and it was a pure bubble.

    No difference what popped it. It would happen either way. Look at other years. Same story. Duuuh!

    Bear market in Bitcoin takes many months. This one is actually falling very fast. You should be happy – faster fall – faster rise!

    The faster it falls and finds bottom the faster it will start getting up again. And it needs time!

    Street was burned severly, tens of thousands people lost a lot of money.

    NOBODY except big players will buy it before people will forget last pop and Bitcoin has inflation – someone needs to buy it ALL THE TIME to keep price at least on one level.

    Nobody will buy in to start new uptrend if they won't have fuel for pushing it higher later. Smart money is not so dumb.

    And alts? All alts bleed much more. It means there is nothing as strong as Bitcoin. Period.

  2. Jimmy Jimmy
    Jimmy Jimmy says:

    In fact, I agree the argument as show on the title. I have observed similar markets before like china A stock. The 1st day of future contract on Market almost mark the top to A stock index. Future market can definitely be used to affect the primary market especially the price shot up in Log style at that time. HOWEVER, selling orders has been closed which I think that 90% has been done, future investors will make it in opposite way.

  3. Jason Rouse
    Jason Rouse says:

    Ivan do you think Gochain could eat some of ETHs mkt cap, if they delay to long, as it has launched mainnet, 1000x speed gains in eth, and all eth projects can transfer to Gochain seamlessly.

  4. Jake Cryptokeeper
    Jake Cryptokeeper says:

    Keep up these talks so we can get these negative bear wall street guys out of crypto. You are becoming one of my favs after Crypt0 and Boxmining. Thanks brother appreciate how you see both sides of the stories!

  5. Bobby A
    Bobby A says:

    Have you read the articles about Walmart's crypto-funded power grid patent that was just filed? I only see the articles on "coin" sites, so I don't know if its real. And it sounds confusing to me and way outside Walmart's specialty….

  6. Yulian Golodnykh
    Yulian Golodnykh says:

    Great content, Ivan! You are always sharing great information. I would suggest you make the text for Good Mornjng Crypto darker or start using a darker image if you continue to use white text. It is really hard to see with white text and a bright image.

  7. Burak ŞİBİL
    Burak ŞİBİL says:

    Ivan why aren't you making any comments about the dark truth behind EOS, that %1.6 of the wallets hold %90 of the token? and whenever they want, that they can crash the prices of all the EOS and it's ERC20 tokens?

  8. Yosop Ryoo
    Yosop Ryoo says:

    The demographics of the Ivan on tech is really changed. I have been watching some of your old clips. You as programmer seemed a lot more objective in crypto tech/news in general. Ivan, please less shilling on Eos and Fuding Biitcoin/Eth. When you want us to be smarter every day​, please give us your unbiased view of a programmer who has fair knowledge into codding and able to break the knowledge into the size for us to digest.

  9. Scutch
    Scutch says:

    Thanks for another good vid Ivan. I miss your in-depth tech breakdowns. We don't have enough people who really dig into the tech in this space. Could you please do more tech breakdowns in the future? Thanks

  10. Richard Bassett
    Richard Bassett says:

    Trading cryptos futures is a way to trade and make money when crypto prices are falling. Yes, tokens should be their own asset class with their own derivatives (options, futures,etc.) A derivates trade doesn’t care if price is moving up or down, as long as price is moving. Volatility is good.

  11. jpoupon66
    jpoupon66 says:

    That is the question,and for a lot of them we can try to put them trough the SEC HOWEY TEST…However it is not always easy to do!!

    So instead of looking at it from that angle ,I think we should as a community ask the following question…


    I think if we can all brainstorm on this question rather than, is it a security ? It might be more constructive for our community…. What do you guys think ?


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