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  1. Mathieu A
    Mathieu A says:

    WTF Ivan ? The US dollars work fine ? How can you say this about an inflational system based on debt ? Bitcoin isn't needed in poor countries, it's needed because the system is broken, and the day it'll explode, it will be very, very painful.

  2. shubh lawless
    shubh lawless says:

    hi ivan i really like your videos and how you present them . but why are you not reviewing nebilo They are already worth more than 17 times their ICO price and Their desktop wallet is staking 10% / year . hope to see that soon keep up the good work

  3. robert tatum
    robert tatum says:

    you are a great "explainer" "clearifier" .. don't waste time with assholes .. u are very good (i am a usa person) with the language.. <i like your comments on what cryto related companies really are good for..i almost forgot this myself>

  4. Marc Miser
    Marc Miser says:

    If BTC goes to 5k Alts will loose another 30/40%. ADA will then go to around 7ct. If you buy then ADA for ~11k and ADA reaches the half of the ATH again you will get ~100k

  5. mspin133
    mspin133 says:

    Ivan, thank you for all the work you've done educating people on the crypto space! I would appreciate if at one point you can devote some time to talk about a controversy involving NEM. This is not as publicized as it should be, but the gist of it is NEM screwed over a bunch of people including myself who initially purchased a NEM stake before it launched. They arbitrary changed the rules years later, before NEM launched and didn't adequately communicate these changes to people who had invested in NEM. As an example, during this time, Bitcointalk (their only source of communication) was hacked and many accounts including mine were compromised. As a result, many people including myself were eventually denied our stakes when we found out about the "claim deadlines" they created, nor were we given our initial BTC back. We've been raising this issue for years with NEM since they launched and their response is essentially, too bad. Reputation and behaving with good ethics is very key in our community and I would like to bring this unethical behavior on the part of NEM to the spotlight and hope the general crypto community is made aware of what these crooks did. If you bring this issue up with them in person, they run away immediately and behind the scenes, unleash their minion of trolls on you who resort to derogatory comments about your race or gender to taunt instead of professionally addressing the situation. This behavior on the part of NEM needs to be publicized. I would appreciate any form of mention you can make and I am happy to come on your show and fully discuss with anyone from NEM. Thank you Ivan!

  6. leeway777
    leeway777 says:

    Cryptocurrency has taken a big amount of capital from the stock market. Bitcoin is a threat to stockholders. Both Jordan Belfort and Warren Buffett want the money back to the stock market. They created FUD for their benefit. They want people to invest stock rather than cryptocurrency.

  7. Aaron Ainslie
    Aaron Ainslie says:

    Congratulations on your belief in free speech and interviewing even the unpopular. Of course, hate speech (especially) against yourself is verboten. Ad hominems means the person is unwilling to discuss policy. Love your program.

  8. Dainja Man
    Dainja Man says:

    You SHOULD block people who are disrespectful in their disagreements. Those trolls would never be that disrespectful in your face, so that means they are cowards…and cowards get no play.

  9. Billy H
    Billy H says:

    Ivan can you please check out "Hyped on Crypto" TA show. Maybe you could interview Lord Ray. He has been the best TA teacher I have found on here. I am always watching your channel on the replay. Smashed the like


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