When it comes to investing in crypto, don’t be lazy. Doing your own research is absolutely critical. Here are three specific ways that you can be a smarter crypto investor. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to do a bit of your own work here, but no pain no gain.

Step 1: Get off you butt and go to in-person meetups and events!

Step 2: Read books on cryptocurrency history and investing trends, and do research on long-form blog posts

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Cryptoassets – The Investors Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond: http://amzn.to/2zebPwJ

Step 3: Listen to podcasts that aren’t just about daily trends, but also interview thought leaders, CEOs and developers

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** This is not financial advice and these are simply my own opinions, as such, this should not be treated as explicit financial, trading or otherwise investment advice. This is not explicit advice to buy these cryptos, do you own research.**


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  1. Lou Cris
    Lou Cris says:

    Wow thAnk you very much man! Every time I watch your show I always learn something. Today you made the best YouTube for all people to learn how to be a fisherman, not given people a few fish to go eat. Thank yo very much and I always really thankful for your YouTube. Please let me know when And where you to for your meet up in NYC? I live there too.

  2. kingkevon1
    kingkevon1 says:

    brand new to the crypto world and looking to get started whats good wallet you would suggest online and off line like ledger or terzor, ive been doing research just not sure yet. just looking for some direction, looking toward exodus for online and ledger offline…? thanks everyone!

  3. Lancher_
    Lancher_ says:

    So I wanted to buy some feathercoin a few days ago but I didn't have funds available and now that I do, the coin has seen a 50% increase in price. Im really stuck on what to do.

  4. alan canyon
    alan canyon says:

    One thing that would help all of us is a Crypto Dictionary. When I first got involved I listened to  YT— "Blockchain for Dummies." It was 15 minutes long and I was lost in the first 30 seconds. It's a new world, new language.

  5. Cryptorise
    Cryptorise says:

    Hey Rob, just a suggestion. Do your videos at home. Camera's too close in the car and therefore it all seems too intense. Becomes a bit difficult to follow for those who's first language isn't English.

  6. Mo
    Mo says:

    Thank you for your enlightened videos and your future predictions and strategies, I love them all and have subscribed to your channel:) Can you also please make a video on Groestlcoin (GRS) plz. Many of my friends are talking about it and trying to convince me to buy but i would first love to see your view on that. I'd really appreciate please.

  7. Max Omnicast
    Max Omnicast says:

    Great advise! Crypto actually opened up the whole financial world to me. A deep dive into investing and managing money which I have never done before. I was mostly focused on earning. Awesome times ahead! Besides all the tech stuff and possible gains/losses there is also a deeply human level to all of this. It is so much about trust. Not so much in the blockchain but in us as human beeings, sharing it and bringing it forward.

  8. gotklaye
    gotklaye says:

    Nice vidéo as always ! I 'm reading a very passionnated bokk i advise you to read it too: "Learning for Profit" by Dr Ruja Ignatova (Visionnary and créator of Onecoin) 😉


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