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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    I got real annoyed when you started talking about Telegram and I had no idea what it was and you didn't clarify that at first. But by the end of the video I had googled it, and then you mentioned toward the end that it's a messaging service, so you got my like smash 🙂

  2. MarceL ...
    MarceL ... says:

    I smashed the like button, as usual. I want to congrat you for this episode, i knowledge you try to keep then around 15 min, but this one not only you made a great knowledge section but also you answered some very good questions that complemented the section even further!!! Cheers mate!

  3. Ryan Saunders
    Ryan Saunders says:

    A huge reason I became a trader for certain currencies and tokens (securities or whatever they end up being called) is because I'm a huge gaming fan who wished he'd invested along with playing some of these amazing games when I was younger. I have my eyes and heart set on the gaming industry putting currency and items on the blockchain because I was one of those kids who got his initial fame in WoW by mining ore then smelting and trading on the auction house and guild mates for "gold" then trading for IRL things like game time and even $USD (which I believe isn't necessarily legal but don't tattle on me please I was just a kid). My point is WoW and similar games are some of the first "ecosystems" that kind of tested the water for cryptographically secure digital currency acquisition and trading on a large scale. Putting a game on the chain will make it all kinds of ways amazing and unique. When the right game developers start writing games it will change the whole industry! I'm open to any links anyone can share below!
    TL;DR Blockchain games are going to be EPICS link any information below!

  4. Dan Kitei
    Dan Kitei says:

    Hi Ivan! Can you please explain how bitcoin programmers get paid? Since they can’t just take some coins like with an ICO, Who pays them for making improvements to bitcoin?

  5. Linn Redinger
    Linn Redinger says:

    Likes smashed! I like the discussion about projects using mixed interfaces with perhaps a couple different blockchains as well as a centralized server for perhaps the majority of the software that doesn’t need to be on the blockchain to run a big project

  6. Steve Atkinson
    Steve Atkinson says:

    don't just watch quietly.. lol why not? you sound dumb when you say that and don't give any good reason to not. why not say something like "support this channel and smash the likes" or "smash the likes to raise awareness of this channel"? Not just some dumb "don't just watch quietly people"


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