Hedera Hashgraph HBAR is a new kind of DLT (distributed ledger technology). It’s not blockchain, and it’s also no DAG (directed acyclic graph). They built their technology and managed to reach 10,000+ TPS on their testnet.

They announced a partnership with Google Cloud on February 11th. That day it went up 60% and the day after that it went up with 100%+. Since the half of January and half of February it went up with an astonishing 600% vs BTC.

Hedera Hashgraph did an ICO back in 2018, raising $100 million from accredited investors only. Little over a year later it released its main net and in February 2020 it announced its partnership with Google Cloud.

Other parters and members of the council are Boeing, T-Mobile, Google, IBM, Tata and more. Project such as Chainlink are testing out their netwerk.

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  1. Robson de jesus
    Robson de jesus says:

    This is the video that i was looking for to understand better about this crypto. Just a note: MAGALU – Abreviation of MAGAZINE LUIZA – is a huge digital sales company here in Brazil (something like a Aliexpress) and currently it just bought another huge company called Centauro and now it is one of the biggest companies of South America

  2. Walter Graf
    Walter Graf says:

    I didn't know about Hedera, sounds very interesting. Another big input: Maybe you could make a video about Unibright (UBT)? They are a official member of the Enterprise Ethereum Aliance and they are there in a leading position. It's still extremely undervalued. The Enterprise Ethereum Network could be big too.


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