Cornavirus OUTBREAK in China – we’ll take a look at the Wuhan virus (Corona viruses) and it’s global impact.
This pandemic is sweeping the world with new cases discovered in the US, France and Australia. Wuhan and 6 other Chinese cities are under quarantine – and the virus is moving international
#Coronavirus #wuhanvirus #pandemic

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  1. Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley
    Emotional Eating Coach JoLynn Braley says:

    I'm a big fan of, I Love their live safari drives here on YT. One thing they won't do is mention any black rhino sightings during their drives because of illegal poachers who could use the live stream to find their location. A few months ago I was researching the endangerment of the black rhino and found that *The #1 Animal that is Poached Every 5 Minutes* is the Pangolin. This is because illegal South African poachers can make money from the Asian market off of the Pangolin due to a belief in China that the Pangolin scale has medicinal properties and also the meat is considered a delicacy to eat in China.

    When I read that the Pangolin shares dna with this coronavirus…. well it really makes sense how this would all fit together. And if it's true that this animal is the origin of this virus, this would mean that this is an International problem that is a) causing the Pangolin to go extinct (it's a docile animal in the wild that minds its own business and is easy to poach because it's so "nice") due to this illegal trade, because b) South Africa has such a huge poverty issue, and c) in China the Pangolin are pretty much extinct already, therefore d) they are paying the poachers to import them.

    And now here we are.

    What's the answer to all of this? How does South Africa begin to stand on its own feet to create their own commerce without killing wild animals like the Black Rhino and the Pangolin to extinction? How does China change their mindset about these animals that they so highly demand and will pay for? You know, I could see an all out war that could start in America if American were denied their Doritos so I understand if the folks in China "demand their Pangolin" but this is going too far when it's causing a worldwide pandemic and it is rooted in illegal poaching, causing an animal to go extinct that otherwise isn't bothering anyone (and is a vital ingredient to the ecosystem in South Africa – they have the job of providing pest control and soil development).

    I was simply upset about this coronavirus but now I'm pissed because it's intersecting with my awesome WildEarth/Safari Live South African animals and amazing ecosystem that is a part of this planet and that's not cool. After doing more research I've even found an old 2016 article confirming this illegal trade and looming extinction of the Pangolin due to this issue which makes me surprised this animal is even still on the planet. There are updated links are on the site re: the coronavirus as well. You'll see them in the sidebar as of the time of this posting.

    #DontHateThePangolin there's a big problem here with the poachers and the demand. And now….we've got the coronavirus. Again, that is if it is found to be true that this animal is the source. But even if it's not the source, there's still a problem here anyway.

  2. Nick Younger
    Nick Younger says:

    Im Here in Adelaide South Australia no masks in pharmacy so .000001 or more people not using masks, also dust masks are sold out at harware stors, hand sanitiser PLESAE CAN ANYONE HELP ME? My Wife is in Vietnam. I cant find English news there..Looking for someone like Michael that i can trust with the news…Thank you for all your efforts..MG

  3. Lou Lu112
    Lou Lu112 says:

    UK government will now 'FORCIBLY quarantine' anyone with coronavirus in new powers announced by Health Secretary Matt Hancock who warns Britain faces 'serious and imminent'threat – as virus kills 910 worldwide.
    Source: Mail UK online

  4. canz tee
    canz tee says:

    i cant beleave what kind of progarmming has happene dto all humans on da planet ..
    its disgusting ..for just this time in your life…stop thinking about creepy money..
    and tell your family and friends and prep..

  5. canz tee
    canz tee says:

    iam the only one in england wearing a mask…people are to vain to wear a mask..they think there not pleasing
    to the opposit sex…can u beleave this sh..t…wake the fu..k up people…most people are under there spell
    that they have been traped in…i release you from the spell……now put your fu..king mask and goggles on
    and pray you dont get it

  6. KaCee Boxers
    KaCee Boxers says:

    From videos I have seen, the Wuhan hospital’s are full. People are sheltering in place and who knows how many of them have possible infections. Unless autopsy is done to confirm virus, what is being put on death certificates? Crematoriums are running around the clock. … my belief is numbers of death and overall infected is not being reported correctly.

    ZG TASARIM says:

    I d like to write down some recomendations which were especially emphaised by a clinical resercher doctor name Oytun Erbaş from İstanbul, Turkiye,, Here is the to do list of him to be protected from the viruses.
    No:1 is washing hands as much as possible ,,
    No:2 To draw %3 salted fresh water (3 gr. salt in 100gr water) to the nasal passage and do mouthwash . Dr. Erbaş says that it declines the viruses 30 or 40% trying to hold that area . He explains that Clor pat of salt is a killer for the viruses. As known chemical expression of salt is NaCl. (Sodium-Clorur)
    No:3 To use Ultraviolet C lamps to disinfecting the area that you live. But he has a important warning that some kind of Ultraviolet C lamps has a wavelenght to harm the eye and the skin. Thats why he recommends that to use that lamp when the room is empty. İt is curıcıal.
    I hope it d be useful, for everyone,,

  8. Cyndi Denise
    Cyndi Denise says:

    Dude. I am worried for your safety. Maybe you should stop reporting? It isn’t safe for you to be reporting on this topic? I don’t believe the dr contracted the virus naturally or died of natural causes. I have liked your report but more in fear for your safety than of the virus.

  9. Lauren Kimberly
    Lauren Kimberly says:

    Has the name of the “first American to die of coronavirus” been released anywhere?

    I like do further research on any claims and this one seems sketchy due to complete lack of any further info.

    Info on race, sex, age, demographics. It all seems to be lacking.

    Just curious if anyone here has additional info.

  10. 2020DayTrader
    2020DayTrader says:

    Just flew back from japan. everyone had masks on. lots of sick people on the plane. Then dinner came and they all removed their mask to eat wile people are still coughing up lungs. It only takes a second to catch it.


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