Cornavirus OUTBREAK in China – we’ll take a look at the Wuhan virus (Corona viruses) and it’s global impact.
This pandemic is sweeping the world with new cases discovered in the US, France and Australia. Wuhan and 6 other Chinese cities are under quarantine – and the virus is moving international
#Coronavirus #wuhanvirus #pandemic

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47 replies
  1. Building Castles
    Building Castles says:

    I click the WHO banner and leave feedback…I tell them "NO!! I will not listen to the WHO as they send misinformation!" I remind them of the doctors came forward and that they got threatened and silenced and now look at what happened!!! I tell them to STOP!

  2. D B
    D B says:

    Hows this virus any different to an influenza virus A/b? In America…CDC estimates that so far this flu season there have been at least 22 million flu illnesses, 210,000 hospitalizations and 12,000 deaths from flu. What's that figure worldwide not including China.?

    RED CELL says:

    Without a shadow of a doubt I really do believe this is a bio weapon that was either purposely let out or accidentally but either way you can tell that this thing is a bio weapon. the proteins that was found in the Coronavirus you can find the same protein in the HIV virus but from 2019 to 2020 this thing already mutated instead of having 3 proteins now it has 4 proteins. And if the United States and the rest of the nation's keep letting sick people come from cruises and from these flights they going to spread it.

    But my advice to everyone else is to prep/prepare food and water because as this thing burns through countries our economy will collapse. We just had another ship to arrive not on the west Coast but on the east coast as well so prepare because there's a power or somebody is pulling the strings to spread this sh!t like butter. They have their reasons they have their agendas and the Georgia Guidestones are not for looks.

  4. ForHisGloryMinistry
    ForHisGloryMinistry says:

    Hey there Michael I just tried posting a message on your Live Corona Virus #8 video. However, it didn't seem to upload since it was near the end. So you mentioned you were looking for information on the virus being lab created. Well I have come across this & will post both.

    Dr. James Lyons Weiler has looked at the genetic DNA sequencing & states Corona Virus is a lab created mixed virus strain. You can watch his interview on "The Highwire" with Dr. Del Bigtree.
    "Corona Virus: What They aren't Telling You"

    Dr James Lyons Weiler states the Corona Virus is lab created mixed of SARS

    However, here is his article discussing that the Corona Virus is lab created.

    Also, Francis Boyle wrote our bio weaponry legislation during the Bush Sr Administration. He professes Corona Virus is a bio weapon virus, along with many other truths!

    Additionally, have you seen Andology's channel? He has a great prediction tool.

  5. Darline Williams
    Darline Williams says:

    This is an American warning to China to stop the trade war. America is the world leader and anyone who defies them they shall take you out? See they did not put the virus in any other chinese or Gomer countries but in the antagonists China.

  6. henkusxxl
    henkusxxl says:

    If you do not spread corona you are spreading FUD. Does your mom have access to your channel? No man get real! Stay to the facts. No emotion. Tell us more about RNA viruses. How to make alternative masks in case you run out of them. Do you need 0.45um filters to protect for viruses? Can you decontaminate masks with uv?

  7. Jonathon Adams
    Jonathon Adams says:

    Dr Jonathon Adams, information please pass on info, the world health organization will report this as a pandemic in the next 3 days, im the main advice to the UK government, in the biological health, and the global PDR, which is a private organization, which is over all governments across the world. Please advice your listener, as how bad this will be. The reason why its being kept quite is because of politics, and the break down of industry and what this brings. Please email me at, for full report from the latest not reported lancet predictions. thank you.

  8. q1k9i3l0ä5å
    q1k9i3l0ä5å says:

    In Sweden we can't but masks, I think our government has them. Maybe to send to you, or to keep for the elites. They are out everywhere, in every store, online and offline. And nobody wears any masks, and nobody seem to care either. They all seem to think: ”It's just the flu! Everyone who says otherwise is a ridiculous Doomsday prepper!” as our elites have told them.

  9. BK
    BK says:

    OK here’s the problem there’s not enough testing equipment to identify everyone with a virus so we send them home and to produce mass amounts of medicine will take a long time so I will only be used on the worst cases. If incubation is slow I can be spread withoutHaving symptoms one can spread to four people and 4 to 16. It’s now over 20 K which suggests a breaking point where the virus spreads quickly

  10. Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson says:

    WTF??!?!?!why would someone attack someone else wearing a mask? I mean it sounds like the person who if they were facing off with another person to fight, and had the choice of a giant brand new out of package bowie knife or he could fight someone wielding a dirty used syringe from god knows where, he would actually choose to fight the person with the syringe pointed at him! Absolutely INSANE, I will take my chances with the bowie knife any day, brand new, if I do get cut or wounded much less change of being infected by something I would be dying of for certain, and if you dont survive it is probably going to be a lot less painful and depressing to die quickly of blood loss than of aids, or being shunned because you caught something that caused nerve damage and ultimately leprosy, watching your body rot and fall off, and not being able to tell if you get a cut or wound and it gets infected constantly JEEBUS!

  11. q1k9i3l0ä5å
    q1k9i3l0ä5å says:

    WHO is more concerned that governments, businesses, etc, can go on and to control people. They value the constant spinning of the economic wheel over people's health. The higher ups like themselves, that are the only ones they really care about, will have the right information, doctors, health care and services, and act with appropriate caution. But they rather have all the rest of us going about our usual habits, like blissfull sheep. We are only interchangeable numbers to them. And ’people always die all over the globe’, anyway.

  12. Ameriachi I am
    Ameriachi I am says:

    No my friend…this is very much a pandemic. Its in 23 countries or more…plus the fact that the under reporting is taking place for those infected, dying and how it is stealthy when you get it…yea…it sounds like a pandemic…looks like a pandemic…so…it must be a pandemic.

    You're sounding like a shill actually.

  13. eviken1982
    eviken1982 says:

    Yes it can spread without having sympthomes. 9 Belgium people are back from China since Sunday together with People from other countries. Nobody had sympthomes. They were checked on the airport before boarding. When those 9 people were back in Belgium they had a larger test. 1 man has it. He had no sympthomes and still doesn't have symptomes. He has no idea how he got it. He never came with sick people in contact. They are all in Quarantaine.

  14. Bjørn Friedrichsen
    Bjørn Friedrichsen says:

    hey buddy, its was not just about the chinese woman transmitting it to the 2 german business partners, it went from 1 of them to others in the same company, Asymptomatically, the first dude caught it and then transmitted it to 2 other, that never had any contact with the chinese woman, before he got symptomatic.
    I have no idea why you are biting so hard down on the whole thing about the Chinese woman and how she lied, that was only a part of what lead to that conclusion.

    So Dr. John campbell here on youtube is beginning to formulated what the first symptoms of the corona virus is, it starts with a cough and then comes a fever about 1 day later.


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