Cornavirus OUTBREAK in China – we’ll take a look at the Wuhan virus (Corona viruses) and it’s global impact.
This pandemic is sweeping the world with new cases discovered in the US, France and Australia. Wuhan and 6 other Chinese cities are under quarantine – and the virus is moving international
#Coronavirus #wuhanvirus #pandemic
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48 replies
  1. N Brown
    N Brown says:

    When people go out to eat as well as the fast food They bend over your food while preparing it and then touch your food and plate and glasses and silverware and plates n bowls and the money that millions of people have touched in all places serving any kind of meal or food. Beat bet is canned and frozen and boxed food and go home and don’t touch a thing til hands washed because you touched the cash n cards and cart handles and door knobs and handles and keys. It’s endless. But for Gods sake stay away from any food anybody else has cooked for you

  2. Cara Garcia
    Cara Garcia says:

    Some of the burning could be medical waste and contaminated mattresses and such. Don't think they would use a crematorium but maybe there's just too much to dispose of the regular ways. I don't know if they are culling any animals or not. They might burn them too.

  3. Stinky Piece of Cheese
    Stinky Piece of Cheese says:

    1) confirmed airbourne
    2)long incubation periods while being asymptomatic AND infectious
    3)Many unrecognized very mild yet infectious cases

    This is why it continues to spread. Probably was spread all over before measures were put in place.

  4. M R
    M R says:

    Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said The duas (prayers) of the oppressed are never rejected…

    The forgotten and oppressed ppl of Xinjiang that have been sent to re-education camps to forget their religion
    and have had their families separated and broken apart, isolated and all of their rights taken away for over 7 years…

    They had no helpers, or even anyone to speak for them as China has indebted half of the world countries, absolutely no one to come to come to their aid, their only reliance is in Allah (God), now so surreal to watch a superpower like china helpless despite h its military might and economic might, starting to crumble so fast…

    Somehow I don't think the people of Xinjiang have been praying for a greater peaceful china…

    If you wish to rid your country of this virus, and can put your scientific mind to one side for a moment it would be wise for the people of China and the Chinese government to free the oppressed muslims of Xinjiang and ask for their forgiveness as a start before China sees any goodness or relief and Allah (God) knows best…

  5. Isak Davidsen
    Isak Davidsen says:

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  6. Douglas Brown
    Douglas Brown says:

    I just wonder what he PH level of these people that are coming down with this novel corona virus is based on the types of foods they eat some are more acidic then other regions of china like the north compared to the south I hear . Maybe we can learn something from the Andromeda Strain movie where they locked down the virus and eradicated it from this world that originally came from a meteorite that struck a small town and turned peoples bodies into dust but latter the scientist discovered how to combat the virus by raising people blood level to be a little more Alkaline until virus is eradicated then bring it back to the normal level of 7.0 or little higher. In the movie fantasy of the Andromeda virus something about making it rain with alkalized water and drive the Andromeda virus it into the alkalized sea water. Some part of the body need to be at different level of PH to function properly depending if you are a male or female.

  7. Randy
    Randy says:

    I think the number of infected is much higher than being reported. I would never even try to estimate. The population's of Wuhan and China are staggering. I hope it is going better over there than what my gut feeling is telling me. Stay safe everyone. Buy canned goods, and everything else you think you cannot live without. Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

  8. Shirley Avarell
    Shirley Avarell says:

    Everyone! Keep your hands away from your face! Love this video but the man has had his hands on his face so many times. Put a mask on and you will be surprised how often we do this. This is a good practice to follow whether their is an outbreak or not.

  9. EdTech Consulting
    EdTech Consulting says:

    I was reading that it may possibly be airborne in close proximity.. let's pray not! I wonder how many of the videos we are seeing supposedly of China and events are real or not… scary stuff as they approach and threaten individuals who are sending out videos/twitter/texts getting to the outside world

  10. Ethan Flinn
    Ethan Flinn says:

    Just wanted to mention, I heard another YouTuber mention your name when it came to people who were doing good coverage of this. Also wanted to say thanks again for all the info! The quality of your work is getting around!

  11. QuadQ
    QuadQ says:

    80 cities under quarantine is so scary. What about the elderly, disabled?? seems like a recipe for maximum death. There is no way they will control this – best to just deal with it now & stop wasting resources trying to stop spread.

  12. Matthew Goff
    Matthew Goff says:

    Thanks again for these videos dude, I just wish we could be confident in the accuracy of the numbers coming out of China, if they could be independently verified then I think that would go a long way to giving us a clearer picture of what we're dealing with.

  13. See Kile
    See Kile says:

    one thing tell people not to spit on street . I know people who do this in USA. OR blow nose on street not good ever! Trust me I see this in USA , Mexico, central america liveing here. But a person born & raised in usa do it to!!

  14. See Kile
    See Kile says:

    my degree is in biology I did nurse work I do not think this is air born. people are telling me I am wrong but there would be more cases outside china. everyone must be tested. So we know truth!


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