Over the past decade, an alternative digital paradigm has slowly been taking shape at the edges of the internet.

This new paradigm is the blockchain. After incubating through millions of Bitcoin transactions and a host of developer projects, it is now on the tips of tongues of CEOs and CTOs, startup entrepreneurs, and even governance activists. Though these stakeholders are beginning to understand the disruptive potential of blockchain technology and are experimenting with its most promising applications, few have asked a more fundamental question: What will a world driven by blockchains look like a decade from now?

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  1. Zingg
    Zingg says:

    1:03 One second spent on explaining block chain. Horrible explanation at display. Nice graphics though. Present block keeps old block's digital signature. Vola! There you have it.

  2. James Darwin
    James Darwin says:

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  3. Ken Behrendt
    Ken Behrendt says:

    This bitcoin stuff could be the next scam to come along only, this time, dressed up with a lot of digital talk to make it sound like it's 100% safe to buy, use, and trade. Right now the scammers are probably already working on a way to use it to bilk as many unwary "investors" out of their "investment" money as possible. The only thing that really has any value is gold. Any government paper currency not backed up by gold and convertible into that gold upon demand is just as intrinsically valuable as the paper money that comes with a Monopoly game! This will become painfully obvious to everyone when the next "Great Depression" comes along and people see just how much value all of that paper with numbers on it they own is really worth. At that time we'll all see the true value of "bitcoins" which will be ZERO!

  4. eilerkovesi
    eilerkovesi says:

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  5. M R
    M R says:

    This is decentralized not distributed. Nobody mines on their laptop. When 74% of the hash power running the Bitcoin network comes from a few server farms in China – you’ve got a problem.

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    Ivan Bestly says:

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    Juan Mario says:

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