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  1. Fabian Jaxson
    Fabian Jaxson says:

    Ivan is it possible to somehow & simply, combine PoW, PoS, PoV (voting) etc. All together to determine faster outcomes with minimal bugs/hacks.

    In another aspect could a protocol be created solely to search and eliminate threats and attacks & be attached to protocols such as ethereum as a 'proof guard' of some sort?

  2. Andrew Rico
    Andrew Rico says:

    well, bitcoin has a huge advantage over all alt coins…. IT IS bulletproof until now….any cryptocurrency that wants to challenge bitcoin wil have to go through a beta state first as bitcoin it is right now…and that will take at least a decade or more…in the meantime, nobody will want to deal with an untested software

  3. Sam Lyons
    Sam Lyons says:

    Cult of personality is the perfect expression for ETH PoS………..i `ll hold my ETH on the gamble that Vitaliks new Hot Babe will be expensive and keep him working hard

  4. Robert Oschler
    Robert Oschler says:

    Wow, thanks tons! Your point about Ethereum's demand being company and ICO driven vs. BitCoin's populist driven demand is gold! And your derivative analysis about the problems the ICO companies will have delivering due to the shortage of talented blockchain/smart contract programmers is huge and subtle! Unfortunately, it's scary because you don't see that thread during the ICO before the company is forced to deliver. Only much later when they fail to deliver.

    Time to go long books on Ethereum, Neo, and Eos develoment. 🙂

  5. Master MintZ
    Master MintZ says:

    lol Thats a funny fear. What if he meets a girl? haha Ethereum is his life purpose. I think he will always work. The only thing is he is probably not replaceable at this point. So there is a bit amount of risk if he is unable to work. Hopefully Ethereum will continue like the Apple after jobs died. RIP However, apple in my opinion is not the same will as Ethereum will never be without Vitalik. However, I don't think that is something to fear at this point in time. What do you think about Quantstamp as a team to help ethereum's security aspect?

  6. Health And Spirit
    Health And Spirit says:

    Everything you mention can only slow down the growth – would not come close to killing btc or eth – at WORST case scenario cryptocurrencies work as a digital gold that will protect whomever owns it from out of control government spending 19+ trillion U.S. debt (2017). The code is solid. Embrace the new world and quit your day job.

  7. Joe Campanini
    Joe Campanini says:

    Just come across your videos Ivan, very informative, but this one gives me serious cause to pause! I'm not so much concerned with Vitalik meeting a girl. Shit happens, what happens if he gets hit by a bus? Are you telling me everything is dependent on one guy? No plan B? That is scary!

  8. Moe BZ
    Moe BZ says:

    I saw a lot of likes of urs on the comments which is nice noticing u r interacting with ur followers, but it sometimes confuses me as a viewer in understanding ur point of view since many of these up-voted comments contradict with ur content or even stand on a bad logic.

    Keep the good work!

    TCELL OG says:

    A private blockchain doesn't make sense for company already doing database solutions like MS, the only way they can join the technology is using the public blockchain and build their own platforms on top of it. Surprise you can't see the basic.


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