The blockchain space has seen its fair share of issues in 2018. This technology enabled anyone, anywhere to create their own market programmatically. The result was incredible innovation, many high profile scams, and a lot of hard lessons on what doesn’t work. I authored a book on this space because I believed in the potential for this technology and still do. I’m going to share my vision for 2019 using the lessons learned from 2018, then demonstrate some businesses who’ve provided real value to people using this technology. Enjoy!

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31 replies
  1. David Marvel
    David Marvel says:

    I may just not be understanding what people are talking about but it seems like every video I've seen on Blockchain has said that the benifet is that it's unchangeable and everyone will have access to the information. If so that how can something so public be referred to as private by so many people. I like the idea of it not being changeable but we all have fallen captive to massive corporations owning all of our information. So how will making it completely public help this. Obviously everyone having it will mean companies won't have it. If Blockchain is implemented on something like social media wouldn't this be extremely dangerous. We are already seeing insane cases of information being used against people by the public in cancel culture. Can Blockchain be encrypted in a way that makes it impossible to view without permission and if so why doesn't it seem like anyone is talking about this?

  2. Gonzalo Kevin O'Neill Penagos
    Gonzalo Kevin O'Neill Penagos says:

    Hi Siraj 🙂
    I'm trying to wrap my head around DLTs.
    Is it accurate to say that DLTs only have value/meaning when transfers/transactions involve more than 2 parties? Do DLTs lose all value/meaning when there are only 2 parties involved in a transfer/transaction?

  3. Maria Shaw
    Maria Shaw says:

    I lost a great deal of investment in bitcoin a few weeks back when I was trying to take a bold step in the bitcoin market. I was partnering with a popular bitcoin investment website who have been able to convince me through third parties. At first, didn't think there was something to worry about as my first $100 investment made me $150 within 24 hours. To me that was very impressive and I then went ahead to invest 2BTC which was about $18,200 at the time. One thing I learnt is that I didn't lose my money due to bitcoin volatility. I lost it because of some unscrupulous element across the internet that targeted a single mother like me, for their personal gain. Thanks to my friend who introduced me to cyberhackintelligence. The services of a Data retriever hacker who could recover lost/sent bitcoin using advanced methods which I can testify to based on first hand experience. If there is anyone out there in a similar situation and wants a fast solution then contact email …
    Thank me later

    UMER AQEEL says:

    what you think that blockchain technology is good or not? blockchain technology is a future ?should i learn blockchain technology? Is their any future of blockchain ?where you see blockchain technology after 10 year please answer my question .

  5. Mad Trapper
    Mad Trapper says:

    "Hedera Hashgraph" is not a blockchain but does the same thing in a bigger way. It is way Faster, more secure and way less expensive to use. No waste making it superior. It is a virtual voting protocol that will not fork. This makes it very stable, makes it desirable for unlimited uses.

  6. satoris hat
    satoris hat says:

    This is a very well explained video in terms of how blockchains work – kudos to you! Blockchains and DLTs are not the same though. The term DLT is used when you're talking about private Blockchains which isn't that interesting.
    The examples you mentioned in the video aren't that great either as you're one step too far already. We're at the stage where we're building infrastructures, the networks, the platforms. Have a look at ETH2.0 and compare it with the current version. How do you want to build Dapps already when the infrastructure isn't there yet? It hasn't even been decided which are the main chains providing it.
    It's not even clear how privacy will look like. Sure, you might be able to use blockchains in the medical field, but not in the way it is proposed now. I don't want my medical data to be stored on a public ledger for all eternity even if it's encrypted. The same with messaging or social media etc. And in the field of supply chain it is the same. There are solutions there already. But if you're using a private blockchain, it's about setting a standard which in history has never worked in preferable way (the internet today could have had much better standards). And then who's controlling it? Many companies will come up with their own thing. The only good solutions are public blockchains which will transform many fields, but first we need to build the infrastructure, then we can talk about specific applications. Sidechains, childchains, privacy options… it's a long way to go. Imho, concentrate on the infrastructure blockchains, the platforms (BTC, ETH, ADA, XLM, Waves, … whatever)…

  7. CrypTalk App
    CrypTalk App says:

    Blockchain in 15 min? Wow, You’re cool !( especially the Venom pic,lol)
    Cryptoworld really is the future that’s is as close to us as never. We already making it social, download “Cryptalk app” to see what others think!

  8. Zighy Blue
    Zighy Blue says:

    Quadratic sharding is too complicated to implement and maintain… It will need much more time than stated to become stable and gain people trust… At that time bitcoin will already be the "de facto" standard… Wit its sidechain for decentralized apps (like RSK)…


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