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  1. James Klemm
    James Klemm says:

    this exchange plays with his clients….
    i had couple Tickets with them and now they block withdrawl witout reason……
    i have 2fa enabled mail and phone verify…..
    so maybe someone can tell me why they need more security check?
    play with clients

  2. Sayedmustafa21
    Sayedmustafa21 says:


    I've been following up on your leads and making excellent investments except my greedy impatient pathetic self has lost massive amounts of potential gains due to major fomo, flash bearishness induced panic moves, and magnified greediness at the time of transaction.

    Can you please produce a video that speaks on these obstructions and share some suggestions for improvement?

    Thanks for the great videos as always.


  3. Antony Berkman
    Antony Berkman says:

    Great discover. I went to purchase on latokens site. I sent eth and although the tx was completed on the chain, the eth haven't shown up on the wallet that they created for me. This is a problem if they can't even get their wallets to work and they're expecting to sell $100,000+ art work and real estate.

  4. George Maluge
    George Maluge says:

    Alot of you are missing the point and you have no idea about how the markets work. You do not have to influence the entire market to make money. If just 1000 people start buying a particular coin within a short amount with less volume going out, logic says the price will go up!…its a matter of supply and demand. All these youtube so called experts are making serious amount of money and most of you are just like SHEEP because you just follow. How about you do your research and making your own decisions as you see fit all the info is out there.

  5. Crypto Lou
    Crypto Lou says:

    Thanks for the share however just to warn people, transferring ETH to LAToken is SLOW! Site says 3-20 min – I have been waiting 7 hours now. Been in contact twice and they says it's super slow today because of so much traffic. What a shame!

  6. Nikolai
    Nikolai says:

    Just curious from the chat boxes at the bottom of these videos…are these coin companies telling/paying you to pump some of these videos? I'm not trying to make any cheeky/passive aggressive accusations because 95% of the suggestions you guys give is spot on, which me and the rest of the communicate greatly appreciate. I'm just genuinely curious as it's something I've noticed.

  7. Brandy Vu
    Brandy Vu says:

    Why can't I directly buy latoken from coin exchange?. I'm not sure why it's so difficult to buy other coins beside bitcoin and everything else that is on coinbase. I can't even figure out how to do it

  8. Moderately Moderate
    Moderately Moderate says:

    DNT is undervalued as well. Trending shows this coin hitting 1,000% gains in a matter of weeks (maybe sooner if it hits top 50 or so). It could possibly go on a run like verge. That'd be nice. I dropped a hundo on it. One of my first big moves.

    I only started like 2 weeks ago. Gimme a break.


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