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My name is Jason Appleton and I am the Crypto Crow. I am a straight forward, blunt, emotional giant working around the clock to educate myself to improve my life while sharing what I learn and do with you. Cryptocurrencies are risky and evolve in a shady realm of greed and innovation and I do my best to navigate this realm in hopes of shedding some light. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions on everything. I’m merely one man and I’m not always accurate. I’m just here to point you in what I hope is the right direction based on my own opinions.

I am a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investor, Trader and Entreprenuer though I am not a licensed financial advisor and you should always do your own research and based any actions you take in the crypto space from your own efforts. I focus my channel on my opinions of the space to help educate the public on potential projects worth looking into or avoiding. My goal is to bring the world to crypto investing as the transfer of wealth happening right now is real and the opportunities are abundant.

I’ve personally invested in projects such as Cardano (ADA), TRON (TRX), NEO, Ontology, OmiseGo (OMG), Ripple (XRP), AION and many others. Some will perform well, others will not. Crypto is a high risk vs high reward endeavor to never be taken lightly. I try to offer a variety of content on my channel including how-to’s, crypto security, project features and reviews as well as interviews with leading blockchain developers and CEO’s.

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NOTICE: All Paid Reviews And Features on my channel were paid for by the crypto companies in the form of Bitcoin ranging from .2 to 1 BTC or in some cases equal or double value in the project’s tokens.


45 replies
  1. Barbara Taylor
    Barbara Taylor says:

    I bought a ticket & a non refundable plane ticket from Tampa to Cincinnati on the last Chainwise that was supposed to happen, then I got dumped on, I would have much rather taken that $350.00 bought ADA , UGH!

  2. A Revolution of One
    A Revolution of One says:

    You’re not buying $Link because their’er investing in themselves and the further development of the team and nodes?? Link will be $10 by the end of 2020…..the market cap is still under $1B…..only $5B will bring the price well over $10

  3. david davian
    david davian says:

    Chain link is doing fine and the one alt that’s not loosing as much as other coins. I’m keeping it. Everyone has an opinion about every coin that on the market and every coin has bad and good news

  4. Britni Murphy
    Britni Murphy says:

    Even though Bitcoin has been experiencing frequent fluctuations, we believe that Bitcoin will soar up as per the predictions stated above. There are several reasons which led to Bitcoin’s price fall like Bitcoins being used for illicit purposes and so many past mishaps like hacking and thefts. Pros outperformed the cons, hence Bitcoin is still the market leader, bagging the number one position and maintaining its position. Bitcoin might reach the $23,500 mark supposedly by the end of 2019 as the year holds good prospect and development for BTC like NASDAQ launching BTC future, that too in the very beginning of 2019.everybody should buy more and join the gain, for me I advise you multiply the little you have with Santiago’s strategy, I was able to make 7bt with 1.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, For more inquiries and questions you can reach him on (santiagomenchaca230 @Gmail or WhatsApp + 447480724121)

  5. James Watts
    James Watts says:

    Due to the high price now a lot of people are actually afraid to buy more bitcoin, they want to wait for the bear market time, but there’s a good news. I came across a pro trader, from a chit chat he explained to me how his trading strategy works out, I was a it skeptical at first, then I summon courage to invest in Bento's method I was able to achieve and accumulate up to 5.4 BTC with just my 0.85BTC investment in just 4 weeks I came to realization that self doubt kills faster than poison, Mr Bento Feliciano who mentor and tutor everyone who wish to hold more bitcoin ahead of the upcoming major bull run. Don't let what you hear or read about crypto weigh you down because most of those news are just media propaganda and practices to stop bitcoin growth, and they are doing that because of the potential it poses, I will urge everyone to get on the train now. You can contact on email (bentofeliciano58@gmailcom)
    for all who seriously want to make incredible profit from bitcoin without having to just buy and hold which is easiest to do but very unproductive right now and most likely in the future

  6. D Good
    D Good says:

    Quote from an old reddit post. " put a bar of gold in front of a pig and it has no idea of its value " the same can be said about crypto for the typical person today. The revolutionary tech that is Bitcoin is lost on most people. They cannot fathom the freedom that Bitcoin is poised to give society.

  7. DowskiVision MagicalOracle
    DowskiVision MagicalOracle says:

    ChainLink is garbage making claims that are not technically possible, just like Elastos. The strategy seems to be to draw in a bunch of technology-retarded suckers with a grandiose but ultimately ridiculous vision and then bail with their cash.

  8. Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony says:

    Dont let someone scare you out of your holdings. What you may do is listen to this video, then run and login quick to an exchange, and sell your LINK as fast as possible. Then, one day, LINK pumps 50-75-100% and you're like sh-t, but crypto sparrow said it was a sh-tcoin! Do your own research and then make a decision

  9. charles bond
    charles bond says:

    CROW !! thanks for the insight into link ….. But I Have something potentially more important to all of us as investors to ask you about!!!???? Please , as hardly anyone will openly discuss Apollo !! APL. Man have you looked into this ???? It's already in charge mode development wise , first coin with sharding ! Great dex coming……. ip masking , coun shuffling , 2 sec blocks ….. And so on and so on and so on !!!!!!! Please can you do a solid review??? This might be the maker$$$$$$$$$$$ 😋 peace love and freedom !!!! Charlie

  10. Tom S
    Tom S says:

    Chainlink had potential but it seems the team is more worried about profits over the community. In the end greed takes over and fundamentals take a back seat sad to see but it's true

  11. Ryan Shaeffer
    Ryan Shaeffer says:

    Ive been around crypto so long i have learned that holding bitcoin over the long run will drastically outperform any other crap coin! and its not even close. Even binance is at risk of crashing, being shutdown or even failing this is why i wont own it. Bitcoin cant be shutdown, cant be sold off by a single central figure.

  12. gapperX
    gapperX says:

    True death/golden crosses are the 50 & 200. However, any time a lessor period crosses under a higher its not a good thing. Yes, totally agree you can't predict when a exactly a whale is going to move, BUT you CAN totally tell the environment ripe for them to act. And one of those indicators that tell is volume…low vol makes it easier to sell into. Just look at weekend fuckery to see that.
    Re: LINK, all projects have this happen. Early investors, ICO, and teams…sell and sell hard after they hit market. Cardano too. Show me a chart of a project that hasn't. I totally agree though that if they believed in the project, then why the hell sell so much.

  13. 1stEye Vision
    1stEye Vision says:

    The L (lesson/loss) from Chainlink has Affirmed for me the Weaponization of peoples uniqueness being used against them even with their best intentions to serve & help others. Rest assured DYOR Will never be neglected in the Cryptoverse.
    Thanks for Your Wise Straightforward Insight J😎

    "Grow Ya Coins, Crow Ya Coins." That song tends to Crow on ya 😊

  14. Bob Newell
    Bob Newell says:

    I heard they sold LINK to pay for new talent and to continue the project. Paying bills, keeping the lights on… Based in San Fran! // Chainwise – You'll reap dividends when crypto prices go up because YOU helped educate!!

  15. nate arrant
    nate arrant says:

    Thanks for the Video J Dog, really a shame what chain link has done they probably paid a bunch of money to have people pump the coin and then dumped it on everyone who actually believed in them.


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