Blockchain Technology Course will cover:
– Technology overview
– Blockchain evolution
– Decentralized web
– Distributed organizations
– Distributed ledger
– Smart contracts
– Distributed applications
– Internet of value
– Token economies


The original videos were published with the Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed).


Complexity Labs YouTube channel:


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  1. Fearless Walker
    Fearless Walker says:

    This was like watching a promo for '101 Steps to socially engineer masses of people – for power hungry villains'.
    Can anyone say BEAST SYSTEM IN THE MAKING? Interesting to finally see the outcome of what the Pentagon and Mossad had been planning since the 60's.

  2. Russell Padilla
    Russell Padilla says:

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  3. Kira Mcdowell
    Kira Mcdowell says:

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  4. CRYPTO owens
    CRYPTO owens says:

    Quantum level shit..:<BLOCKCHAIN ON STEROIDS{μ}never mind 1s and 0…best lock on a block 0 and or 1}then they gotta figure out the power inbetween{never be hacked and your personal information will never be jacked✔..qubits..common cents brain magic. Gov't stays away from the spookie attraction..and lost inbetween the input/entangling all the A1 outputs..}G{code+E=(L)ions jungle.core}©ap10s{gravity feild}Qubetting Quantum sports making plays🎶〰📲🔛⌚➰🎧

  5. Ho Pw
    Ho Pw says:

    What so difficult. Charles de Gaulle put all the US dollars into a stemship and sailed it to New York to exchange for gold. I see no problem for countires to load the paper currency into a modern commercial plane and fly it to which ever country and exchange for gold.

  6. Jimmy D
    Jimmy D says:

    What needs to happen is to get rid of the scarcity principle. All people should have money enough to last a lifetime.

    Imagine enough money to do whatever one pleases, true freedom.

    People may go spend crazy for a while but it would soon settle as people become content with their lot. No one should have to suffer because of scarcity. Humans naturally want to be useful but scarcity creates depression and hopelessness.
    Cost of goods and luxuries would find a natural level as if we all have unlimited money to pay for goods and luxuries it would be pointless to keep raising prices so goodbye inflation.

  7. Taghrid Mahdy
    Taghrid Mahdy says:

    Amazing video. I am really interested in this topic as a computer engineer so if anyone interested in joining a study group to learn the basics of blockchain and optionally hyperledgerfabric. please leave me a comment or contact me through my email

  8. Ruymand
    Ruymand says:

    Information is great but it feels like watching a fucking reporter just read from the paper. No passion and or interest, makes me bored. Still better than my university lecture so I'm happy

  9. John Sule
    John Sule says:

    Absolutely blockchain is a protocol in encryption technology, it is interesting and worthy of adoption like you noted, on the other end Tokoin is another superb blockchain project that assist in aiding the SMSE, i recommend Tokoin for all and sundry.

  10. Jones Lawrence
    Jones Lawrence says:

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  12. Glenn Ives
    Glenn Ives says:

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