Richie Etwaru, discusses the opportunity and implications of blockchain as a paradigm to slow/chose the expanding trust gap in commerce. He unpacks blockchain to a level of simplicity to be consumed by those that are just starting to understand and explore the paradigm. He lays out a current state of commerce, suggesting that every company is currently at risk of being disrupted or incurring severe strain from a blockchain version of itself.

Professionally, Richie Etwaru is a c-level at a Fortune 500 Company, an author, the owner of international patents, the founder of multiple ventures, an experienced keynote speaker, an angel investor, a member of advisory boards, and a recognized thought leader in the area of digital, technology, and design.

Specific to this TEDx talk, Richie is an adjunct professor of blockchain management at Syracuse University in New York, he has delivered over 100 blockchain keynotes across the world, he has written well read blockchain blogs, he has been interviewed on blockchain in online TV shows, and has advised governments and venture funds on blockchain opportunities.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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  1. SeverinLudwig
    SeverinLudwig says:

    Stopped when he talked about Bill Gates. Just as reminder for teenagers who are too young: Bill Gates is a anti-hero of the open source/free software community. His company was actively fighting linux until they came now to a point where they are even using it for their new products. But thats so typical. Hes not mentioning Linus at all because hes not rich.

  2. e8iMm7KE999
    e8iMm7KE999 says:

    Nothing man can plan and/or do is perfect. There is always risk and reward. Any technology is a two edge sword. Someone will figure a way to cheat the system. Those who are least knowledgeable will lose. For wisdom is protection just as money is protection, But the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom preserves the lives of its possessors. Ecclesiastes 7:12

  3. Owen Picton
    Owen Picton says:

    Can someone tell this fellow to speak properly?
    He should not YELL at us and then go very quiet.
    Is there something wrong with this fellow?
    That is very dificult to listen to.
    So I'm just gonna leave.

  4. Apex Maintenance
    Apex Maintenance says:

    I'm holding out for the "sphere algorithm" much more powerful because you won't even be able to see the lock. Think of a spherical rubics cube. Gonna need a quantum computer to solve it. I better get started…

  5. Qwest One
    Qwest One says:

    ok, I understood the ledger concept, but how do we do it ?
    How do we put the tracer on money if we use cash ? To avoid the ledger, people start using cash which is based on trust. So nothing really will change. Even with crypto currency, you see the movement, but so what ? The movement alone cannot prove illegal transaction.
    One pays 5 bit coins for some drug to a dealer. On the note, it says pizza. No once can prove that was drug based on blockchain. So the blockchain exists only in idealists world. Think, people !

  6. Gregory Han
    Gregory Han says:

    lol he used the (what use dto be) standard check engine light logo for an engine symbol. It's kind of funny when he's acting all epic and you think of him like piecing this thing together on a powerpoint or something and thinking "Oh, check engine light", that looks cool.

  7. ClinWarrior
    ClinWarrior says:

    So how is the evidence in tamper-able. If the people that are re putting the copies of the right information who is to say that they themselves cannot change the information and put it in differently.


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