There is, almost 100% sure, a third version of Bitcoin coming up at the hard fork in November, bitcoin “Segwit2x”.

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  1. mkmason2002
    mkmason2002 says:

    Bitcash is controlled by the head of the Bilderberg Group. Open your eyes, they want to get everyone out of Bitcoin to destroy it. After folks flood into Bitcash the elite will dump it and you will lose everything. These elites are evil and want to control the world with their currencies. Eyes wide open.

  2. jankowitts
    jankowitts says:

    The eco system decides what will be the go to crypto. BUT the scalability of the original BTC going to 2MB is a big deal. It will make BTC more vaulable to the eco system as a whole as more transactions can be processed in a shorter time frame and transaction fees decrease.

  3. Proud American
    Proud American says:

    I thought this guy started out the video saying he did some research?? Sounds like he just listens to Rogers twitter feed. We all know Roger did not put all his Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash!! I only pray he did because BCH is $323.00 today and soon Roger would be broke soon, we could be rid of him but he did not do that. B2X will be the same story, it will have a little life for a while and then fall in the scrap pile while BTC hits new ATH again and again. BTC lives on.

  4. Luka Goodchild
    Luka Goodchild says:

    The information in this video is WRONG!!

    You've confused yourself and in the process are confusing others with misinformation. You stated that Bitcoin (Original) will have SegWit + increase its block size to 2MB while Bitcoin SegWit2X will have SegWit and 1MB blocks. This is incorrect. SegWit2x is called SegWit2X because it integrates Segregated Witness AND doubles the block size to 2MB (hence the 2X). If Bitcoin forks in November, it is this SegWit2X chain that will fork from the unchanged current Bitcoin chain which will remain as 1MB blocks with Segregated Witness already integrated.

    In summary:

    BITCOIN (Original) – SegWit Activated + Block Size remains UNCHANGED at 1MB
    BITCOIN CASH (August 1st Fork) – No SegWit + Block size increase to 8MB
    BITCOIN SEGWIT2X (Upcoming November Fork) – SegWit Activated + DOUBLING of Block Size to 2MB

    You should strongly consider taking this video down as it is ill-informed and that is a dangerous thing when you are dealing with people who have money invested in Bitcoin and could potentially lose it.

  5. dcboogie
    dcboogie says:

    I think youre info is bad man, bcash is controled by the miners, think about that.Miners need to mine and listen to the choice of the users, and Bcash volume is big because of the people who dont know how to split or swapp it to btc, and coinbase was very late with the btc claim etc, the legacy line is way better because of the hardcore developpers they have. Implementation of segwit with the bigger blocks it works so give it a change and dont fork.Bitcoin is serious business and not about ego's.Bitcoin now is a bit slow so what , how about transporting your stash of 4 kg gold to the end of the world, it takes a lot more than a btc transfer. You need security people and transport etc.
    Bitcoin will be implemented with the lightning network so that will also be a great asset.
    Okay guys these are my 2 satoshis, we all gonna be richhh I hope

  6. Tra Dom
    Tra Dom says:

    NO2X…the core developers have actually step away from this nefarious agreement. You should do an update video so your subscribers can be informed. Segwit 2x is not necessary and is only preventing core dev. from continuing their work. If you want bigger block sizes bitcoin cash is there. There is no need for an upgrade right now specially when we just had segwit. Segwit2x is basically paypal all over again. if people want bigger block sizes bitcoin cash is their. "divide and conquer" thats will happen to bitcoin

  7. Tebogo Talane
    Tebogo Talane says:

    The original bitcoin is the real deal. Read the "white paper". What's happening now is the classic infiltration by the powers that be. You say nothing about the users. What is the view of users? But this is what we get for being in an unregulated space. It's not about personalities. As far as I'm concerned they want to move us away from the original bitcoin so they can buy it dirt cheap. Split if you split but some of know why we got into bitcoin in the first place. What we are seeing is just egos, it's unethical; since they don't consider or have included users opinions. Maybe they have, but this is the first time for me. Come November I'll hold my bitcoin, like I did 1st August 2017.

    BTW .. Sound and video are on point

  8. Joel Bishop
    Joel Bishop says:

    Isn't part of the reason why BCash is still so highly ranked because many people don't have control of those tokens yet via Coinbase, etc. Once they have those tokens, it could be more likely that they sell them off?


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