The CrypoDad demonstrates how to purchase and store VeChain tokens in your own wallet using the Ledger Nano S.
Ledger walkthrough for VeChain storage:

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37 replies
  1. Terry White
    Terry White says:

    The Ledger Nano S is an absolute joke with regard to the limited amount of storage it offers. You can bearly get 3 apps on the device which in this day and age is just not acceptable.

    I will never buy another Ledger product again. The next wallet I intend to buy is the BC Vault – which is far superior in every way.

  2. John Howard
    John Howard says:

    VeChain is now using Sync wallet. Also, wish you would have shown how to send VET out of the wallet. I tried send VET, but the wallet demands energy VTHO. I tried buying VTHO on Binance. Binance shows VTHO but does not buy/sell VTHO.

  3. Aztec Cane
    Aztec Cane says:

    Crypto Dad Rex you are the: To Go Guy/Dad… What would we do with out your knowledge? PANIC…and send our Crypto Coins into the abyss of Cyber Space? lol.

    I always ask myself while hearing your videos "Does Rex work for some Under Cover Crypto Company?" lol… You are Knowledgeable ! Thank you again… 🙂

  4. Ejayan Alahbabi
    Ejayan Alahbabi says:

    Hey Crypto Dad,
    First of all thank you for the informative and useful video, secondly i want to ask you why dont you keep your vechain tokens on binance, doesnt the binance website act as a wallet for your tokens or should you always move it to a safe e wallet?

  5. george ratledge
    george ratledge says:

    Thank you very much for this video! I was unable to figure out how to buy and store but I have just bought and stored after watching!! Very helpful and easy to follow! I do have one question. If I need to delete the vechain app from my ledger to make room for cardano, is my VET still stored on the ledger?

  6. Bruno Khalifah
    Bruno Khalifah says:

    I’m struggling with Veforge at the moment – when I log in (with my Nano Ledger X), I can view the translations made but Icannot view my balance and it says something along the lines of “we are currently investigating issues with our connection to the Vechain network, some data may be unavailable” – I’ve sent various emails to support with no response.

    Is anybody else getting this?

  7. Uncle Buster
    Uncle Buster says:

    I watched this video to store my vet on the vault wallet a couple months ago. Lastnight I tried sending some to bitrue but the "ledger signing" kept failing to send out. Have you ever had that problem?

  8. David Guidroz
    David Guidroz says:

    I am fairly new to crypto. I wanted to move my VET from Binance to my Leger Nano S. I tried to move a little to my leger through myetherwallet. After watching youtube, I see that I should have used veforge and not myetherwallet. Now, I'm confused as to how to find what I sent to myetherwallet and move it to veforge. Anyone have any advice for this newby

  9. El Dog
    El Dog says:

    So ,if I have a three different tokens on my nano and If want to add another token,all I have to do is remove an app and add another app? If I want to add four more different tokens,all I have to do is remove all the apps and add the four new ones? Will all the different tokens (7) still be on the Nano? To go to any of the stored tokens all I have to do is re-install the app that connected to that token?

  10. Freedom 55
    Freedom 55 says:

    Being this is an online wallet requiring the nano s, what happens if the website goes down or disappears for any number of reasons? How do you get your asset back onto an exchange for withdrawal?

  11. cefrio
    cefrio says:

    Question, so the Vechain app on my ledger can still be removed to make room and reinstalled later to access my Vechain coins? regardless of the third party vault app?
    thx Rex you are a teacher!


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