We’re talking about OmiseGO, NEO and Civic going absolutely bonkers in the crypto world today.

Additionally, I provide my thoughts on Goldman Sachs advising clients on cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, Ethereum and ICOs, and the potential impact that institutional investors could have in the crypto space.

Lastly, Amazon is hiring for a Blockchain Architect with experience in Ethereum. Yuge news if top technical talent continues to build their knowledge and help both startups and Fortune 500 companies innovate in crypto.

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  1. Arthur Romanov
    Arthur Romanov says:

    Dude where are you buying???? Bitrex announced that they are not letting U.S. residents trade or even fund account to buy certain digital / crypto currency – including OMG… please HELP!

  2. Wandile Khowa
    Wandile Khowa says:

    Check Monaco (MCO). MCO will go to the moon this month since app launch is 31 August. Visa announcement and listing on major Chinese exchanges. Check how much it has grown by already but is just getting started. Market cap is still under $50 million. To the moon then use your MOnaco Visa card to spend your millions


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