Crypto is an incredible lucrative space right now, but it’s brought out some incredibly sophisticated scammers. Here are some of the most common ways that scammers are trying to hack or steal your cryptocurrency and what you can do to protect yourself and your money!

Bottom line: Don’t Get Scammed

USE 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION – use it on your email too
Never give away your private keys (or store them online where they’re accessible)

Use a hardware wallet

Don’t keep your money on exchanges long-term
Don’t click on Google Ads

Don’t fall for Slack or Telegram messages and phishing attempts

Don’t listen to “guaranteed” return on investment

Don’t invest in fraudulent ICO’s (See Confido)

Before you send money ANYWHERE, always check it’s legit

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  1. Alonso Sandoval
    Alonso Sandoval says:

    Someone got SIM card cloned and were able to access their phone etc etc … they recommended to call your phone provider and put a security code and a note on your account that no SIM card or any sort of movement is done unless is done at the store in person where you can show ID … question: is there anyway to take your phone # off your coinbase profile ?? Or Would it be safer to have an additional line (new number and device) under my family phone plan just specifically for crypto use?

  2. Trevi Fountain
    Trevi Fountain says:

    Rob thanks for getting into crypto…may I ask a q …. can I withdraw currency direct to ledger from GDAX ..I ask as I see some people on YouTube send to internet wallet like xodus ,,,, is there a reason to go to xodus and then to ledger ?/..just confused if there is some reason for the desktop wallet trip…thank u so much.

  3. Maurice St.Pierre
    Maurice St.Pierre says:

    Hey crypto Bob just want to say thank you for bringing good contest on the cryptocurrency world I'm brand new to it I just heard about it last Saturday and I have been researching and reading 24/7 ever since I'm getting ready to make my first by pretty soon learning how to read graphs and learn the technical jargon you've been a big help with that I must say Plus you come across as a guy wouldn't mind having a beer with some time LOL really easy to listen to a guy about dry topics when the guys actually got some charisma LOL keep up the good fight and know you always got at least one subscriber with me

  4. Les Schorlemer
    Les Schorlemer says:

    Always use a password generator and password manager application. The application to use is a program called KeePass 2.37 as it stores your password database offline, ie not in the cloud. I use 46 character long passwords for all my exchange logins with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters as well as 2fa. Don't use cloud based password managers like 1Password, Dashlane, or Lastpass!

  5. Max Thurston
    Max Thurston says:

    Authy is better than Google Authenticator since it provides a passcode to protect the 2 factors. There however is a drawback in using Authy. They also automatically backup your 2FA data on their cloud. Just be aware if you adopt 2FA that you open yourself up to another vector as well in exposing a recovery method which can open up access. ( make sure to also be smart on how you allow recovery for a lost authenticating device ).

  6. maumex
    maumex says:

    I just lost my only whole 1 ETH that worked so much to get by the google ad of (notice the 2 t's at the end). It was an exact replica of the original site, I input my private key and that was it. They emptied my account. I followed the transaction to an account that had $170.000 USD and in a couple of hours that account was emptied and the same for the website that went down.

  7. Alamo
    Alamo says:

    Not cryptoscam related but security related: you should really be using an adblocker. uBlock Origin is a very good one. Malicious upstream ads are a big security risk.


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