Today we are going to talk about the recent US Senate hearing on Bitcoin. The reaction to this has been overwhelming today, making many cryptocurrency enthusiasts beam with optimism. The star of the show was CFTC Chariman Christopher Giancarlo, who truly seems to believe that blockchain technology is something to be fostered, not hindered with excessive regulation. This was a welcomed piece of good news amid tough times on the crypto markets, so let’s take a deep dive in and see exactly what went down.

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Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, investing, analytics, and various altcoins.

I am not a financial adviser, and nothing in this video constitutes financial or legal advice. Please invest responsibly and do your research with due diligence.


50 replies
  1. Abel TOKPE
    Abel TOKPE says:

    hi hi how i on beninoi i work at the bank my grandfather was selling btc and he died it's 2two week and he left more than 8 btc i want to sell it, ci someone needs needs a month sign on whatsapp + 1 (315)587-0334

  2. ken mills
    ken mills says:

    Doug, I can't believe I just watched that whole video and ENJOYED it! Love your thoughts and, as always, the banter that comes with. Keep it up and I'll buy you a drink in a few weeks.

  3. Wolf Blitzer
    Wolf Blitzer says:

    About the volatility, when governments do as if they wanna do something against cryptos, the prices drop, if they keep their mouth shut ( because you cant ban crypto, same as the internet) the volatility is only an upward trend. So the volatility of crypto is not very much, its the news that makes it extreme volatile. about cryptos that replace the us$, Libya and Venezuela tried in the past to replace oil$ into oileuros, that meant war and boycot. USA fights back, but cryptos are worldwide USA knows they will lose this battle so if you cant fight it join it, thats whats happening now. The speed of transactions: internet was slow too in the 90's, speed of transactions will go up in the future. BTW your suit jacket is not decentralised, its old world, centralised. For the rest the video is to long to watch. Bitcoin value is related to the number of humans on the planet, as long the number of humans grows, the bitcoin value is going up, in the old world you had buildings etc that have value, in cryptos it is the number of humans on the planet.
    All the guys in the video do not know a lot about crypto but they all have invested in it, just in case! Including me. lol.

    NICE DAWG says:

    I knew they were not going to bash it but so hard or really none it seems now ,it is a world wide money magnet that they can use for their system and that is what they want and that is Taxes out of what we can make . We do the work and they suck it up,,,so much for decentralization. ,,

  5. stewart baden
    stewart baden says:

    good shit as always Doug….your a crypto legend! and your right….. get a strategy and fuckin stick to it!!!! some of those clowns from the US gov have no idea what the new financial future is about….we do!!! i'm from Nottingham England… we had Robin hood… he stole from the rich and grave to the poor….just like cryptos are…. but on a world wide scale!!!!!

  6. Kyzer MF
    Kyzer MF says:

    @Doug on whether or not tokens are considered securities, like game skins and Doge: it all depends on whether or not the funds were raised by the company for the development of the business. If the company kept some of the money for their business then yeah they were basically securities, and whether or not people trade them after buying them or years later wouldn't change that. Many tokens, even that have utilities, may end up being classified as securities. The biggest implications of this would be then falling under all of the same regulations that securities currently are, including requiring KYC. Another reason Polymath looks so interesting, they are already SEC compliant and have the ST20 protocol for companies to easily tokenize their securities from anywhere in the world and be automatically compliant.

    The Howey Test is the way to find out if any token is a security, btw.

    Remember me pls.


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