Hey guys, this is information for you, so that you know what could potentially be affecting the price as we move forward. The Global 20 also known as the G20 are a collective of global leading nations who come together to find consensus on what the legislation will be or could be moving forward. There are some meetings coming up with the G20 to discuss cryptocurrency and how to project investors.


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  1. Damien Reeka
    Damien Reeka says:

    you are not responsible for prices mate your position in here is giving people like me , investors or tech fans or…. some good quality on time and legit information and i myself really appreciate ur contents thats all who cares about people who is hating ur work , do it for us mate and we make sure we SMASH THE TUMBS UPPP :). .

  2. Don Mega
    Don Mega says:

    Keep it going, I dont like everything but that's my problem not yours. Now about us crypto people wanting government out but run to them when its a hack makes me feel like this is the perfect opportunity for some one to create something wether a wallet are exchange are even some kind of virtual bank so the we the people can follow through with what we believe. No government. Its wallets out there and its hard wallets but for crypto to grow and spread to everyone we need someone with a bank mental but with out the sneaky and low life screams the bank pulls, so that should be in the works then you are really looking to stop banks altogether just like qsp is for smart contracts we should have something for protection of digital assets.

  3. Crypto-Sam
    Crypto-Sam says:

    Guys you can't please everyone but I can say I love your videos and you are the very few that I ACTUALLY watch fully and not "skip/speed" watch.. very informative and a great insight into the markets.

    People please understand countries ARE in COMPETITION with each other regardless of the G20 and SEC meetings etc. THEY ALL want to lead the world into the new era SO in order for them to do this they need to be involved in the new tech on the horizon. To be involved they need to hold it in their wallets too (don't forget they literally print money so they can afford to buy it at any price) but why buy it high when they can FUD the market LOW and buy up cheap.

    NEXT time you SELL any of these which are mainly in the eyes of the governments BTC / ETH / LTC / NEO …


    WHO do you think is buying?????????…. I thought the market is crashing… the world is coming to an end… BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

    If you haven't guessed it… its governments and private government companies, and DEFINITELY BANKS.

    Overlay the BTC charts with the financial charts and you will see BIG correlation which indicates only one thing… the BANKS are ALREADY in the crypto market even though they are not saying it out loud. Secretly buying up as much as they can before other countries do… RUSSIA, CHINA, JAPAN, USA, EUROPE they are ALL buying it up.

    Just something to think about.

  4. Mr Brown
    Mr Brown says:

    Strict ban coming ahead Crypto way from Hong Kong and very officially from China. Lack of Independence from centralized system and not having a unified KYC policy has failed Crypto badly. North Korea has already banned it and South will follow when North tightens shake hand since both Korea are in shake hand mode.
    7 EU counties have already banned Crypto and 4 US states have voted against this volatile unsafe financial regime.
    In G20 summit due at end of February, Crypto can neither digest ban nor regulations of the kind being considered by old headed financial advisors. In any case, nothing but bad is coming and be prepared and if you look to invest it's a modest advice to wait till first week of March.

  5. Greg Strasburg
    Greg Strasburg says:

    Your honestly the most informative source for Cryptocurrencis on YouTube.  I really love listening to you, I learned a shitload since Dec. 2017.  I love watching your videos, but, Shalen has a weird voice and hard to listen too, although, he seems to know a lot.

  6. Devin Bowman
    Devin Bowman says:

    Its funny how on npr i hear about all this volatility with the stock market and they are letting everyone know its a correction dont freek out….us in this market are so use to thease roller coaster conditions we can really make this old money look weak and show how we can hodl banks governments and old money are pushing back because they know by 2020 we all win and they will be the ones having to adapt and get on our level this technology will win they are just trying to slow it down

  7. Lee Newt
    Lee Newt says:

    I missed out in the early years I watched from the beginning I lost out but now am getting in a stronger position I'm all in this year there is nothing to loose the economy is a Fake stock market so buy on the lows. Please keep up the sterling work Altcoin Buzz thank you

  8. jason618
    jason618 says:

    Either Jeff is too dumb or too scared to tell you the truth all these meetings that these people are having are an effort to make sure that the private sector and private investors keep getting opportunities that you don't. That is the whole purpose of this is to make sure that the rich get richer and the poor stay dumb as s***.

  9. Tim Raw
    Tim Raw says:

    This has the be the most skittish community I’ve ever encountered. Every time a “gubmint official” scratches their ass, we turn to a sea of red. Where’s your balls people?

  10. kRoNiKGuRu
    kRoNiKGuRu says:

    Been following you guys since oct ! I appreciate all the hard work guys put into your videos. Keep it up ! I have much respect & gratitude for the entire Altcoin Buzz Team.

  11. Angie Thiel
    Angie Thiel says:

    Really appreciate you and all the folks at AB! It’s nice to just put my ear buds in and catch up on crypto news while I’m working, cooking dinner, or just chilling with a cocktail. I don’t always have time to read up on all the daily news but have time to listen in. Basically there’s a bunch of us out there that really appreciate it!!! Much love!

  12. Matt Brezden
    Matt Brezden says:

    Find some projects, some hidden gems like you used to. I started watching at 10k subscribers and the channel has changed. You might be more focused on the new comers which makes sense for your channel to grow. A lot of the news is just headlines, information everyone already sees if there subscribed to the right news outlets before you post the videos. Mabey creating a insiders type channel or paid community for the more advanced subscribers would be interesting. Regardless appreciate your efforts you guys have done a great job! just some suggestions!


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