Crypto Catch-Up And NEW GIVEAWAY

I am giving away 3% of my WSOP Main Event action. This is a $300 buyin, plus the value of my play (I am fairly good at poker). I have given away over $40,000 in these types of giveaways in the past year or so, if youd like to join you can do so here:


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  1. dsap4004
    dsap4004 says:

    I think what the "1 bitcoin always equals 1 bitcoin" guys are really trying to say is that 1 bitcoin is always going to equal a fair, open source, un-hack-able, immutable, trade-able, token that no one can stop. Maybe the dollar value of that goes up and down but the utility of it doesn't change. I don't think that's overly idealistic; I think that's more realistic and factual than most other statements about bitcoin.

  2. Jefferson Dizon
    Jefferson Dizon says:

    You forgot to mentioned DeepOnion, a project that gives absolute anonymity to its users. Still undervalued and has to have a great community and quality features. Thumbs up to this awesome content Doug Polk Crypto, Thumbs up!

  3. Dan Laurentiu
    Dan Laurentiu says:

    Check this out ! When Btc price was about 6500 just 2 weeks ago, most of the altcoins have the price of today (in USD). In the meanwhile the btc price has rise about 1k and the altcoins did not grow not even 5%. Have any idea, why is that happening ?? i never seen it before (forgot to mention, got lotta altcoins ) So, whats your opinion about that ? Thanks

  4. YT stuff
    YT stuff says:

    Sorry to spam your comments but you keep making good points and I NEED TO SPEAK. I made the mistake of trying to defend EOS on a reddit post like that which was clearly created by the Etherium tribe. I lost a shitload of comment Karma. Proper hurt my profile so I posted in the EOS tribe sub and got back some love. Def learned my lesson there.

  5. YT stuff
    YT stuff says:

    I do like your opinion on de/centralization. I dream of a totally decentralized internet one day but we are going to need an element of centralization in order to achieve a decentralized web. First we need mass adoption which means marketing and then the masses need to understand the benefits of decentralization. I do think it's possible but were talking 10 – 20 yrs from now.

  6. IfingerblastGranny's
    IfingerblastGranny's says:

    Chortles Dougy trying to step away/distance himself from being a pyramid scheme promoter to now simply being an analyst………Nice try Dougy you are up to your neck in it with giving people bad advice and costing even some of them MILLIONS!!!!!!!!…….The people want to get hold of Dougy in the Streeeeetz!

  7. iG W
    iG W says:

    Thought u would turn to poker again.. stronger hand than crypto I guess.. why you dont do real technicals than tech news or go into commodities or forex.. much more vibes!


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