Let’s celebrate the holidays by reading some of my favorite YouTube comments from the past few months. Welcome to a special edition of…. Crypto Bobby Reads Mean Tweets!


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  1. Joakim Holmer
    Joakim Holmer says:

    Love your work Bobby!
    BitcoinSV is different. Very different. Find out and you might not miss out! Just saying.
    Good luck.


  2. John Dozier
    John Dozier says:

    Haters hate. Screw em. Most that hate on you tube have no life and the hate they have for themselves finally boils over and fires out to anyone they see that is happy. I don't comment much but so you know I always enjoy your vids. Merry Christmas Bob! Up and Onward!!! BTW This one is a Gem!

  3. Lee Chang
    Lee Chang says:

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  4. Timmy's Investments
    Timmy's Investments says:

    STFU GTFOH you ugly big nose hobo sh!tcoin shilling noob, you suck even when you're reading mean tweets from your moms basement, even mcdonalds fired you cause you can't even flip a freakin burger,,,,,,,,,,,,,just kidding ……merry xmas , dumba$$


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