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Blockchain is a distributed and immutable ledger allowing you to track anything, including tangible or intangible goods. This enables users or organizations to digitally and securely record entries, that are in-turn endorsed and secured by a community of users.

Check out this lightboard video with Sai Vennam from IBM Cloud as he takes a deep dive into blockchain technology and covers everything from smart contracts to permissioned and permissionless blockchains

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21 replies
  1. speng01
    speng01 says:

    The point that is buried is this: why a blockchain is needed? For example, what role does a blockchain play in determining if all the condition for a shipment are met? Isn't this just a simply check?

  2. Christian Faust
    Christian Faust says:

    Amazing well described this complex topic , especially the difference between public and "private" block chains has been pointed out very well. I was always asking myself, how block chain wants to become so successful in a world where transparancy is often requested but not implemented….now I know. Thank you!

  3. R Arbuckle
    R Arbuckle says:

    A permissioned blockchain is a misnomer of blockchain. If it is permissioned, it is not blockchain. It already exists and existed before web 1.0. All of the features exist and are in use today and have been in use for the last 40+ years before the internet, when large corporations had their intranet, and before then as hard-paper copy audit trails. Part of the definition of blockchain is that it is permissionless. You had your Freudian slip when you first misspelled "Privacy".


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