You might have heard about Bitconnect and been tempted to check it out, especially if you’re new to the crytocurrency world. (Estimate) 1% daily returns? Sounds great right? Well… Here is what four of the smartest people in the cryptocurrency world have to say about Bitconnect.

So I guess it comes down to this… Do you trust the guys with the education and experience from Princeton, MIT, Google, Ethereum, Goldman, Coinbase… Or the dudes with middle school educations and no financial experience?

Mike Novogratz Tweet on Bitconnect:

Charlie Lee Tweet on Bitconnect:

Vitalik Buterin Tweet on Bitconnect:


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  1. Jolly Roger
    Jolly Roger says:

    Hello Crypto Bobby, I don't know how to contact you except here.
    Let me introduce myself, my name is Roger
    I actually invested in the platform and I stayed during
    2018 and 2019 on discord with many people who have invested
    also in bitconnect. As you could see a site under the name of
    was born, and if you watch their manifesto video

    you will be able to hear there that they affirm that bitconnect was not a scam at the beginning but which has was later corrupted.
    In this video you can also see that they say they want to compensate the victims by exchanging the old BCC at the new RBCM coin.
    Know that the BCC community is still screaming scam, and therefore the admins of Realbitconnect have decided to simply make an airdrop by asking BCC holders to provide video proof of their wallet with BCC.
    After that many people actually received an airdrop from RBCM the new coin and even a youtuber was able to withdraw his funds in USDT here is the video

    The platform has just authorized its first withdrawals from its first investors
    Here is my little video on the subject

    They also come from creating their own forum because they have been banned from several platforms.
    I honestly think now after having followed them for a few months that they are really serious and do what they say – They are available 24/24 on telegram at this address @realbitconnect_admin.

    I am for justice and for the rebalancing of wealth and especially against the monopoly of the banking system.

    On my discord in the channel ⚡real-story-of-bitconnect you will be able to read an exchange with on one side questions asked by one of the bcc coin and bccx developer (who doesn’t had nothing to do with the marketing team aka the promoters aka the scammers) and the responses from the realbitonnect admins.

    Bitconnect remains anonymous like bitcoin and is the only other crypto that is truly anonymous. You can read on their site and their manifestos that they have totally the same values ​​as what is written in the Bitcoin whitepaper.

    I think that with the multitude of business opportunities that you have right now you will not take into account all that I have just written but maybe not. Maybe you are real revolutionary like me like all the others who know that the banking system fucks us and that the only solution is to achieve a complete decentralization of cryptos and of course created Real DEX No ike these binance dex and other bullshits that go through gateaways and remain centralized.

    Finally I finish by, after you have read and been informed about all this IF and I say well IF that caught your attention.

    The admins wait for your offer to make a video review on the project.

    You can contact them here via telegram @realbitconnect_admin

    Best Regards

  2. Bob Bigboy
    Bob Bigboy says:

    Your analogy on smart people is funny. Do you even know Novogratz background? Goldman Fired him… Fortress kicked him out! That is the only reason he is in crypto because the traditional banking system kicked him out. Please do history on new industries… Your comments lack substance…. raised a ridiculous amount of money. Amazon lost a tremendous amount of money for people and didnt make a profit for years. Apple stated off as the people working out of the garage and took on IBM and all the big boys. No one know's if Ethereum will even be around in 10 years. Vitalik Buterin was the guy living in a crappy apartment a year ago and ould be of crypto… You lack knowledge trying to pick winners and looser so early.

  3. Sean Wu
    Sean Wu says:

    It seems that bitconnect gets really stupid, poorly educated, idiots to promote them. Like Trevon James the perfect idiot to promoted it. Also CryptoNick, a high school kid who got lucky.

  4. Manaj Sarkar
    Manaj Sarkar says:

    Bitconnect is just holding incoming btc coin in Bitcoin only… continues new money ……i think as long as Bitcoin is on bullish run……nothing can fail Bitconnect…..

  5. Navid Saberin
    Navid Saberin says:

    Why do a lot of very smart individuals, i.e. Warren Buffet claim that Crypto is worthless and literally a Ponzi Scheme? Because he already has made his billions and has no need to try to figure out the crypto space in order to make some money.
    Why do Mike Novograrz, Charlie Lee, Vitalik Buterin and Ari Paul claim that Bitconnect is a Ponzi Scheme? Because the have already made their billions in the crypto space and the have no need to try to figure out how Bitconnect works in order to make some money.

  6. JD Tackett
    JD Tackett says:

    Great vid Bobby, there are a lot of people who say "oh that's a ponzi" about a lot of different businesses when they aren't but this definitely looks like a bonafide ponzi which is scary for those who choose to invest in it down the road because eventually the money runs out… not too mention since ponzi's are illegal I'm guessing that this will eventually cause issues that make people want more regulations when they end up getting screwed down the road.

  7. TheBestKiX
    TheBestKiX says:

    Who cares about these guys and their stupid titles and "degrees". They are not "smarter" than any of us. They are competitors
    of bitconnect so of course they will talk negatively.

  8. G Vending
    G Vending says:

    Show me where the 1% guarantee is sir. I see a .25% for a $10,010 investment. I see a .2% for $5010. I see a .1% for $1010. But I don't see a 1% anywhere. In fact, there are 0% days, and no one is complaining. I wonder if the value of the coin, which has gone from less than a dollar to over $350.00 in a year, has anything to do with all the ignorance.

    YON WORLD says:

    “Bitconnect is a fraud because that smart guy with money on Twitter says it is and I’m smart enough to think for myself and agree because they have money” that’s how you sound. These guys are reporting opinions not facts. Bitconnect doesn’t pay out 1% every day. Shit some days it’s zero percent and people forget we are paying them in Bitcoin and getting paid out in USD. What’s more valuable? It’s a genius model because our capital is released in the same amount of USD we lend to Bitconnect not the Bitcoin value. Now some can argue “just HODL your Bitcoin then you’ll make more money” but that’s boring. You can actively invest on Bitconnect still earning daily interest on the Bitcoin you originally invested . It’s like a Crypto Savings account with a time release. You can move your daily interest around to reinvest back into the system.. convert to Bitcoin, Bitconnect Coin or all the way back to your bank for USD.

    HNK MARKOS says:

    Thank you so much Bobby. I'm very new interested in taking a chance on this Crypto phenomenon. Your videos are educational, no nonsense advise from someone genuie. Subscribed and liked. Look forward to more educational and interesting videos. God Bless.

  11. Knightly Crypto - Inevitable Success with HEX
    Knightly Crypto - Inevitable Success with HEX says:

    Credentials or not, those statements were not well reasoned views about Bitconnect. The Bitcoin I bought months ago has been making more than 1% a day…am I a ponzi scheme? I don't think you should put so much weight on the twitter comments of people with fancy degrees who don't even use Bitconnect. Bitconnect mathematically checks out. They are making more than enough money to pay out their investors. Call it a High Yield Investment Program, a Ponzi, or whatever you like. Cryptocurrency made the business model sustainable long term. 500,000 people join Bitconnect every week. They have created a sustainable eco-system with their cryptocurrency and debit card. Furthermore, bitconnect doesn't pay you in USD, they pay you in their own Cryptocurrency which they control, meaning they will always be able to pay out. The only variable part in the equation is whether people accept Bitconnect for value, and the market right now says yes $350 each. Bitconnect isn't going anywhere for years, perhaps decades. Spreading Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt (FUD) just poisons the water for others and means you lose out on an opportunity you probably won't see again in your lifetime.

  12. Jo L
    Jo L says:

    Good video. I decided to throw 100 bucks into bitconnect knowing all of this. I figured I could stand to lose that, with any luck I figured after a year I'll be able to pull out something like $30,000 due to the reinvest if they're still around. If not, then I'll lose the hundred dollars. I say who needs them!? I think it's safe to say most of us make a hell of a lot more than 1% a day just investing in crypto.

  13. Zer0 Gravity
    Zer0 Gravity says:

    Here's something to consider, if you were to analyze the structure of a 401(k) plan, Social Security or a Pension fund, you would notice that it patterns the same way as Bitconnect does. It relies on a multi-tier system to be able to sustain itself for a long period of time. Even auto insurance works in a similar way.

    If you research the current state of a 401k, S.S. and the Pension, you'll realize that it's breaking down rapidly to the point that I doubt the Millennial generation will see a dime of it because it simply won't be there. There is not enough of a lower tier to support the upper tier anymore.

    So, even though I am aware of the nature or function of Bitconnect or USI Tech or even ChainGroup, it still reaps a far greater financial benefit than any Gov't program has to offer. It's just a matter of which program/platform do you want to play 'Russian Roulette' with.

    For me I invested months in learning Blockchain technology, Cryptography, Mining, PoS, PoW, charts, graphs, Cryptocurrency in general etc. The greatest benefit in doing this is I have learned to make 7-10% gains on my Investments everyday without exception. Plus, I don't have to leave my capital with someone else for 120, 140 or 299 days and hope like hell I'll get my initial investment/profits back before they run off with it. Remember Bitpetite, Control Finance and just recently Laser Online?😭😉

    In any case, very good info Bobby!😃


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