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  1. PfC Wells
    PfC Wells says:

    Great idea on the Toshi Times. I would argue that it's the price that affects the public interest. The higher the price, the more people want to know. But that doesn't mean they will get in. It just means more people are aware of it because they heard about the crazy price swing. On the thing about blacklisting certain addresses because a gov said. I could see companies running to do this to say they are compliant with the regulating agencies. Then the argument is going to change saying that companies have to do this to operate in that area. It's a slippery slope, my friend.

  2. Oleo nuñez
    Oleo nuñez says:

    porque están tan empeñados en que te regulen porque necesitas que te gobiernen no nos importa el gobierno, somos libres de hacer con nuestra criptomoneda lo que queramos.
    que pasaría si dejaran de hablar de regulaciones, solo le están dando fama que no merecen.

  3. Profetu Rulz
    Profetu Rulz says:

    News was confirmed. Should be noted that no foreign exchange has a license in Japan. What's next every foreign e-commerce websites need to register since users can lose money? Interesting part is price should have gone up since a lot of Japanese have Tether on Binance and they need to move funds. I guess you can move Tether too..

  4. Andu Potorac
    Andu Potorac says:

    It’s the price that attracts the people. People speaking about crypto wouldn’t affect the price because they wouldn’t actively be trading it. So they wouldn’t be talking about it in the first place if it was not on a growing trend.

    But if the price in a bullish market goes up due to many factors, people will see the huge gains of those in the market and will want a part of that. It’s how most of us got in, then some of us are still around for the technology.

  5. Globee07
    Globee07 says:

    Well to be honest Binance's movement kinda confirms the rumour, however I never understand why should there be FUD because one exchange out of so many moving or possibly closing even if that's the current biggest. Exchanges come and go sometimes but if you believe in crypto why would you sell because of that… I had no idea btw that you can actually send ETH to non existing addresses :O I thought that it would result in a failed transaction and revert… Another topic…what is your take on privacy coins? I feel like 2018 will be big for privacy / anonymous coins…which ones are your favourites if there are any and why?

  6. Aeon Mouse
    Aeon Mouse says:

    Thank you Ivan.
    Are these artificial market manipulations ? None of this looks legitimate. The charts almost mirror each other, regardless of the coin, or the possible issues addressed by each coin. How does this make sense?

  7. Alfredo Pacheco
    Alfredo Pacheco says:

    I think first the public interest goes up cause of people who are really interest in the technology and decentralization so the price goes up because there is more demand, then when the price goes up significantly most of the people just come to the space for the rising prices and the public interest goes up more. Its kind of a cycle

  8. Ralph Raymond
    Ralph Raymond says:

    Regarding your question on the 'chicken and egg' correlation of price movements. Clearly the general public became curious from last December due to the parabolic price increase of Bitcoin. That was when I learnt about blockchain technologies and start-ups. Those that have been in the space before this time will invariably see this price correction as just another blip before another bull run. I personally believe that the next bull run will be to levels never seen before due to all the big investors that have sewn their seeds already and so many new onramps to purchase cryptocurrencies in the pipeline.

  9. JOhn Mold
    JOhn Mold says:

    How can the protocol check if an address is valid unless you have to register it with the blockchain when you create it. Anybody can create an address offline, and be a valid address. I guess I am trying to understand how can that be done?

  10. Shiva Shanker
    Shiva Shanker says:

    i hear what you are saying about regulations….
    my few questions,
    firstly to imply we need someone to tell us what to do makes me feel like i am a child that cant make my own decision, that begs the question who the hell has God like authority to decide what can be done or cant…
    as humans generally we know when we have done something to cause harm or to wrong somebody/one else…
    but somehow its has become more like, no one knows what is the right thing to do unless somebody (government) tells you that you can do it. as you said, many dont start anything because they have lived for so long in a cage that when the cage door is left open, they are dont remember how to fly…
    we do not need regulation to tell ppl what they can and cannot do…
    we just need common sense justice/law for AFTER A CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITED.
    the logic of banning/illegality/regulation only makes it hard for the honest man to do anything right….
    why does it make it hard for the honest man, because a dishonest man will commit a crime and do illegal things law or no law…
    having laws/regulation to curb bad ppl from doing bad things is like trying to drown yourself… you can't….
    we have reach a point in society that to do the right thing also we need permission…
    yet if someone wants to commit a crime, or the government steals(via taxes since its compulsory not voluntary hence stealing) whos permission do this ppl get? or do they just do it?
    seems like regulation is a farce by the powers that be to keep all the power to them selves…
    we just need laws for crimes after the fact…
    before the fact who the God damn hell are you to judge!!!

  11. Bernard Macarius
    Bernard Macarius says:

    Thank you Ivan. Decentralized means no government or organization can dictate! I keep hearing the news and FUD and if we were truly a decentralized system this all would mean very little in our space. Another item. There are those who want to have a decentralized system then run to the central authorities when theft and or fraud occurs. You can not have it both ways. We must regulate from within OUR system. Better vetting of projects before they are permitted to start raising funds etc. Establishing a global committee to make recommendations that would help prevent such thefts and fraud would be a start. So maybe a video asking people if they want our industry to be centralized or not. You can not have both! By the way. No government is going to just surrender their power. They have and will attempt to mandate, legislate and eventually outlaw all crypto currencies and just keep and use the blockchain technology to further their wealth and influence over the masses. So please, please quit calling our industry decentralized!

  12. sT R
    sT R says:

    Hey Ivan, really good and informative video as usual!
    I guess you already heard that binance will move to malta 🙂

    Just a short question regarding a future video, yesterday you uploaded a video about nsa tracking bitcoins.
    I'm really interested in a video about low cap privacy coins like navcoin, Verge, DeepOnion….
    I have noticed that some youtubers talking about DeepOnion in the last days. Hearing your opinion about that coin would be nice!

    Thanks man!


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