Its Week 2 of our $100,000 cryptocurrency challenge, and so far it seems neck and neck! We are getting rid of Bitcoin, Digibyte, and Substratum based on the votes from this week on twitter. We will be adding 3 new coins out of the following 12 that were some of the most popular nominated coins on twitter

Coin 1


Coin 2


Coin 3

Genesis Vision

We will be voting coin by coin, and if you want to vote make sure to head over to

I am also GIVING AWAY 10% of the profit from this challenge, you can enter here

You can also compare how you guys are doing against me HERE

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  1. engrtun
    engrtun says:

    No portfolio is complete without a small cap or two.

    Please consider adding “Masari”, a scalability focused, privacy coin with low supply and very low market cap. I’d have at least 10% of my portfolio in Masari.

    It is said to be the Litecoin of Monero.

  2. Wolf
    Wolf says:

    so, how's your 100k looking now? all the ignorant shills probably cost you a lot of money. should have taken advice from people who know what they're doing (TA – the shit you don't believe in)

  3. caige13 q
    caige13 q says:

    lol doug gets me with his sarcasm all the time. Hes so good at it lmao. he was like "I dont remember a single digibyte tweet" as hes scrolling past a hundred of them and I was like. "well look up and youll see… ohh, dammit doug".

  4. pub
    pub says:

    Cardano will be another shit coin that is Gone within the next year. Classic front run pump and dump scam. Been flushed down the commode and into the sewer system. Total Shit

  5. Kevin McMahon
    Kevin McMahon says:

    Hi Doug. Here is a statement that I have contributed to some Affiliates in Australia. By the way, good work son. So here we go !!!

    "Is this guy an affiliate or spruker who receives money/coins from the Bit Coin industry? Maybe he has an interest in an Exchange! It is not about banking, its about people who gain an advantage while being part of a Pyramid Selling Scheme, or a Ponzi Scheme. Both are a breach of the laws in Australia. Jail may be the answer to this guy.

    "If you dare say that all the various bitcoins et. al. are an INVESTMENT, you may be reported to the Australian Security and Investment Commission ( ASIC ) for aiding other parties who are running a Pyramid Selling Scheme or a Ponzi Scheme."

    So Check the background of the Sprukers (nee – Roll up .Roll up. Step right this way.) Thanks Doug, once again, for being a teacher of fact.

  6. unknown territory
    unknown territory says:

    Don't matter what you selected. I warned you all before. Cryptos are going to crash. They all going down. Doug using you all to find out what the most popular crypto are and try to make money off it. Karma is a bish. Doug will hate crypto by next year. THat will be the time to invest again. Google is done adverstising crypto. The ship just got sunk on that news.

  7. InVeStrong IMD
    InVeStrong IMD says:


    BUY: MinexCoin (MNX); landing COIN with own Blockchain you have your Coins in YOUR DESKTOP WALLET, DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, YEARLY STAKING REWARDS!!!

  8. VJCS2411
    VJCS2411 says:

    If you don't add SONM you either don't know it exists or you don't understand what it can do. Right now it's 0.15$, end of the year we'll see 2$ at least, by 2020 I think easily over 10$

  9. Bodhi Dub
    Bodhi Dub says:

    Hey Doug… Do you realize the impact of just 10% Bitcoin will have on a person's life? I recently came to the conclusion that (save something happening catastrophic and cryptos becoming worthless) that if a person acquires just 10% of a Bitcoin and just holds it… Eventually it will be worth enough to become all the money a person would ever need to live. It may not happen in my lifetime as Im pretty old now but could change my family tree forever… I try to acquire a large number of cheap coins in the hopes that they are one of the 5% that make it… or in my opinion 95% of all alts will not make it over the years… So I mine and do whatever I can to get my hands on crypto… if not for me now, then for my descendants. Lol Rock on brother. Love the vids.


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