Bitcoin jumped from $4,100 to over $5,000 overnight, leaving mainstream media scrambling to determine the cause of BTC’s price action. So what was the real reason for the move? Was it an April Fools inspired ETF move, was it a single whale, was it some angered writer on Gizmodo? Let’s have a chat about it today!

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  4. Chopperdod77
    Chopperdod77 says:

    Bittrex are actively disabling accounts without warning or reason then demanding full verification which involves an intrusive level of personal data.
    I have had zero response from customer support or Twitter etc.
    Some are saying they're preparing to close down and will take everyone's money.
    Please be careful everyone, I'd pull out of that exchange asap if your account isn't yet disabled.

  5. Thedirtycat
    Thedirtycat says:

    It just went up because it broke the range we were in. Its so annoying when people always thinks it has to be because of news etc. People are buying and selling all the time. I made a video why it was about to break to the upside just days before it happened. When price gets into a tight range it always makes a big move if its crypto, oil, stocks etc.

  6. Andreas Ursin Hellebust
    Andreas Ursin Hellebust says:

    BTC is the only crypto that has been "destroyed" by paper products / ETF. Basically that gives big banks the possibility to SHORT Bitcoin, and not only getting the money they spent back, but also YOUR money too. Since the institutions who can short and extract money also are the same institutions who can LEVERAGE, which means you extract 100-10.000% more than you sell from the market. When it gets national attention by the old media (CNBC, CNN, BBC) being POSITIVE for a change, it is time to BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL. This Wall Street rich boys' club ONLY give you information so their ultra-rich professionals can take/short more of your hard earned money.

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