Bitcoin is in a tenuous position and Mark will walk through the Bitcoin chart along with a few of the altcoins that you asked about – Nano, Cardano & Neo.

Mark is an active trader and shares his technical analysis of the charts. He is not a professional advisor but shares his knowledge so that you can have a foundation to do your own research and make informed decisions on your investments. Always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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39 replies
  1. Eddie Sanmyaku
    Eddie Sanmyaku says:

    Something is happening, this whole week my crypto portfolio has been moving up, it has quicken this past two days. From $100 per day now to $300.00 this past two days. September might be big.

  2. David G
    David G says:

    Unfortunately not a real single advice about the alts…people are going to be scalped when BTC will fall in few days….you should advice to step back until clear vision of the market… I disagree with your vision…..

  3. Luxottica
    Luxottica says:

    My crypto has suddenly came to a final end! Got in at 7k in 2017 had been trading altcoins all good till december 2017 then when everything started to crash in January i did not want to get out and waited till all my portfolio dropped like 6 times so i decided to take it out in July 2018 because i had no money left for living! Worked for Uber 4 months put another 10k along with withdrawn Altcoins that lost 6 times its original value since january to Bitmex ! Started margin trading what was left after 2 months of successfull trading lost everything completely due to an epic trade that brought me my crypto demise;( now bankrupt lost everything! Bmw all cash everything;(((( very sad. Now going back to regular job. Thanks crypto! Good luck to all of you folks!!!

  4. Jason Siever
    Jason Siever says:

    Great video! Watch you every chance I get. If you have a chance, take a quick look at PCL (Peculium). It about to be listed on Binance and is a great project and will take off very soon!

    Cheers from Calgary,AB.

  5. Micah Brown
    Micah Brown says:

    Thanks Mark for the TA. GVT is about to take a leap. They are launching their Beta Sept. 29 and launching their platform by the end of October (moved up from Janurary 2019). Check them out if you all want. Low total suppy of coins. GVT to the moon lol.

  6. phyramos phyramos
    phyramos phyramos says:

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  7. GetSum
    GetSum says:

    Let's see what TrumpLand does when it wakes up hopefully the buying will continue.
    Why do NEO? If you haven't sold your Neo by now, your too late.
    ADA is bluechip.

  8. BlueMoonBrightStar
    BlueMoonBrightStar says:

    Altcoin Buzz
    Are you connected with Tone Vays? If so, I will have to unsub. I really love your channel but you are holding him up under your Twitter page and I don't know why? He has only hurt the crypto market in my honest opinion and I think his downtrodden attitude can best go back to the bankers where he came from. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

  9. Marco Gall
    Marco Gall says:

    I don’t see ADA going to 0.04 unless BTC drops vertiginously increasing its dominance. The general TA on alts doesn’t work because they are speculative. Therefore I only base my ta on BTC because who carriers the overall market. Look nano and see what sense had have. Zero sense to me

    UMINEMEME says:

    I’m wondering if VET will retrace or if it will just keep going up from here, it seems to have so much volume on both the buy and sale side that I don’t see it coming back down anytime soon


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