Monero (+300%) and Litecoin (+25%) have popped recently. Is it due to Bitcoin’s Civil War with Bitcoin Cash and now Segwit2x? Let’s talk about how Bitcoin’s issues might enable crypto like Litecoin and Monero to succeed, if the market seeks alternatives.

Ultimately, I think Bitcoin’s issues will work themselves out (I hope), but for now, I think we’ll see some instability in the coming months with the Core developers versus Miners, and Bitcoin Cash always trying to jump into the mix as well.

What are your thoughts on the issues?

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14 replies
  1. Vasanth Chinnathambi
    Vasanth Chinnathambi says:

    I am going to get me one of those reseller accounts so i can sell reselll the website blockchain hosting service, they only have a limited amount of reseller accounts that they are going sell for the first six years and they will be the only ones allowed to sell the blockchian hosting

  2. Major REX
    Major REX says:

    IS it to late to get Monero? sometimes some coins keep rising and never get to the price they are. BTC one example. I doubt we need 3200 figures anytime soon.

    Subscribed and liked! Good video.

  3. The Dubai Review
    The Dubai Review says:

    Super video, I love it! What do you think of Bytecoin? Bytecoin is one that has all the same features as Monero, but POC, POC uses less power and everyone can mine it, even with their cellphone. I just did a video about it. I also talked about 2 other coins which could go 8 – 10x

  4. cryptminator
    cryptminator says:

    Monero is up due to it being added to bithumb exchange which also has a monero trading contest.
    You also get 1% extra monero when you trade it so everyone has gone mad byuing it on bitthumb.


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